Radha Krishna: Not So Typical Love Story

Now that I have told you two love stories, I’m going to move on to something much greater than anything you have heard of before.  Hold your elephants, this story is going to strike you straight in the heart with my love arrows! The stirring tale I will tell you is about Radha Krishna.  The proper way to say it is Radha and Krishna but they are just so darn in love with each other that both their names have combined into one; now isn’t that just crazy?!

         I’m going to open my book and start from the beginning. As you SHOULD know, Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu and is the Supreme power behind all the gods.  You would think that a god like Krishna does not have time for love- well, you’re wrong.  He had thousands of wives but his heart was Radha.

         “Whoa, there Kamadeva! If Radha and Krishna are in love with each other, why is Krishna bringing any lady he can find and marrying her?? That is not acceptable!” one Apsarasa hastily points out.

         Oh shush! Krishna only married them to save their lives, but that’s a different story.  Actually, even Radha was married when she fell in love with Krishna.

         “This story is getting promiscuous, I like it!” another Apsarasa said jokingly.

         You girls will not stop with the jokes! Radha Krishna did have a secret connection going on but I approved of it, and that is all that matters. Now back to my story, Radha and Krishna were one soul; they were soul mates.  However, just like any other love tale, there has to be some juicy conflict! When Krishna was a wee little boy, he would go by the lake, in Gokul, and start playing the flute for the grazing cows. He continued to do this everyday until he became the best flute player in all of Gokul and in the whole world! When Krishna played the flute, everyone and everything was taken into a trance that was absolutely pure and beautiful.  Even the Gopis, or the cowgirls, would stop what they were doing, find Krishna, and start dancing around him in his love.  

         “He is absolutely gorgeous when he plays the flute! I cannot keep my eyes or ears off him.  I remember because I dressed up as a Gopi and danced with him, too. I want him to be mine,” an Apsarasa said as she recollected the memories.

         You silly girl! Thousands of gopis would run up to Krishna, while playing the flute, and would try to woo him.  Of course, he was the best-looking man in the world.  He had monsoon-blue skin, almond-shaped eyes, lotus-pink lips, curly black hair, a chiseled body, and a few peacock feathers in his hair to tie up the look.  Krishna was a very naughty boy.  He would flirt back with the Gopis and fulfill their desires.  However, one Gopi, Radha had captivated him.  The whole universe yearned for Krishna but he yearned for Radha.  She was more gorgeous than him, she had the purest heart, and the way she danced when he played the flute made it seem like he was back in Heaven.  You should have seen the love in their eyes for each other, just take a look here!

         The problem was that Radha was married.  The worst barrier that could have risen! She tried to submerge any feelings for Krishna and love her husband but it was no use.  Eventually, she accepted her devotion to Krishna.  Thanks to me and my love potions, she knew that her love for Krishna would not burn out.  She thought about Krishna every second of her life. However, Krishna was a King and had duties to fulfill.  He never married Radha and was not able to meet her after he left Gokul and became King.  

         “WHAT? They were not together? They did not get married? They never saw each other again? This is no love story! This is a tragedy!” an Apsarasa yelled.

         You don’t understand.  Love isn’t about being married or being with someone. Love is being connected from the soul.  That’s exactly what

Radha and Krishna had.  They thought about each other every moment of their lives that they became one being in two bodies.  Because Radha’s love was so pure, she achieved God Status! Whenever you hear the flute play or see a dance, Radha and Krishna are there invisibly enjoying themselves, too.  They are in Heaven together now as one entity.  You cannot say Krishna without saying Radha, and you cannot say Radha without thinking of Krishna.  That is how strong their love is.  Any picture you see of Krishna, it is not complete without Radha.  Their love is an undying flame that will continue to burn. Just so beautiful!

Author’s Note: I decided to do the Radha-Krishna love story due to its unconventional aspect.  Their story is purely about love.  They did not get married and they were not with each other at every moment of their lives.  Even though physically they were not connected, mentally they were one.  I think their love story is a refreshing change from the conventional Rama-Sita, Savitri-Satyavan stories.  While growing up, I always heard stories about Radha Krishna and heard a lot of musical numbers about their love.  This is the reason why I thought it would be a good love story.  I have not read anything in our assigned readings about Radha-Krishna so I had to do some outside research on the Internet. I found many different versions of the story, but I found one that was along the same lines as what I heard while growing up.  The typical idea is that Radha is Krishna’s biggest devotee and Radha is Krishna’s energy.  In other words, you cannot have one without the other.  This deeper, more heart felt story should have a different kind of impact to the reader.  I made sure to take note of how the Apsarasas react to all the unlikely events in the love story that the readers might be thinking about as well.

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