Welcome to For The Love Of Goats Farm & Shoppe

For The Love Of Goats Farm & Shoppe is located in beautiful north central Minnesota. We raise CAGBA (Colored Angora Goats Breeders Association) registered Angora goats. Angora goats produce a next to skin soft & luxurious fiber called mohair. This fiber can be used in many ways. We shear our goats twice a year, spring & fall. We then sell some of our "raw" (unprocessed) & washed mohair to the public. We also spin our goat's mohair into yarn which we sell. The "art yarns" we create are hand spun on our spinning wheels.  The types of single mohair art yarns that we create are a thin core spun art yarn & a bulky lock spun art yarn. We also create & have for sale: scarves, bracelets, ponchos,  necklaces, wall hangings, rugs, etc. all of which are handmade from our mohair art yarns & other high quality fibers & yarns.  On our farm we try to live as resiliently & sustainably as possible. One thing we take pride in is that all of the mohair that we use we know the name of the goat that it came from even if it is purchased from other angora goat farmers. I believe that it gives our customers a unique connection to our products. 

Please take a few moments to check out our current inventory. If you do not find anything that intrigues you today, please stop back again soon as our inventory is ever changing.

We also do custom orders and commission pieces. We have worked extensively with Lynn Hunt from Happy Dancing Turtle in Pine River, Minnesota. We can work with large or small spaces; single or multiple pieces; for home, office or vacation home; or as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

13 ft x 5 ft wall space designs for Lynn Hunt's (of Happy Dancing Turtle) lake home.

Customer's reviews

"Received these beautiful mohair creations from my dear friend Jackie, owner of For The Love Of Goats. These were made from my Zippy's mohair! A woven pillow, woven wall hanging and a scarf.These are such special and loved treasures!" 
Barbara Gunzer, owner Buscho Farms

"Huge thanks to For The Love Of Goats for my beautiful wall hanging made from your sweet angoras! It was the first thing I hung up in the house we just bought! I Just love it!"
Stacey Ann, customer

Thank you and may the good Lord bless you and yours.