Hello to all new 5B Students and Families!  I am so glad you are going to be in room 35 with me this year.  We are going to have such a wonderful year.  We have many new things this year...a new schedule and a new math series...to name a couple of things.  But we will navigate all of the new changes together.  I am anxious to meet all of you and really looking forward to the start of a brand new year!

    Did you enjoy your summer break?  I sure did!  But, like every summer since I have grown up, it seems to have gone way too fast.  I traveled a lot this summer with my husband to many different campgrounds.  We visited Michigan, Kentucky Lake, Missouri, Indiana, and Iowa.  We love camping and wish we could fit more travels in.
    In addition to our travels, we worked on a few projects at our house and enjoyed spending time in our pool.  In my free time, I read LOTS of books and worked in our classroom preparing for you to arrive.  Overall, it was a very busy summer!  I have included a few pictures below of pieces of my summer. :) 

Here is my little chipmunk friend, Chip.  He lives somewhere around my deck.  I had just put some raisins out for him, and he is busy eating them.

My husband and I are new to selfies...this is one we took while camping at Lake Michigan.

On the beach in Michigan, I found rocks to make two footprints...one representing my husband and one representing mine.  I love this picture!

We got to celebrate my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday.  We are seen enjoying time with our grandchildren, daughter-in-law, and my husband's mom.




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