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The Workers' Safety and Compensation Division (WSCD) administers the Workers' Compensation program in Wyoming. This information is based on data originally provided by the U.S. Department of Labor and updated by the Division of Workers Safety and Compensation, and is believed current as of May 2011.

Benefit levels are based on the Statewide Average Monthly Wage (SAMW) at the time of injury. The Statewide Average Monthly Wage is established quarterly by Unemployment Insurance Commission information, and as a result, may vary from quarter to quarter.

Figures shown below are in effect during Quarter 2 of 2011.

Type of Law and Insurance Requirements

In Wyoming, workers' compensation is compulsory, and no waivers are permitted. The law is compulsory for all employers engaged in extra-hazardous occupations and elective for all other occupations. There is an exclusive state fund. Employers may not insure through private carriers, self-insurance, or through groups of employers. There is no exemption for employers with small numbers of employees.

Coverage of Agricultural Workers

Covers workers engaged in power farming when one or more are employed for an average of 6 months each year. "Power farming" means work on a farm, livestock ranch, or poultry farm, which uses in connection with its operation any power-driven equipment, such as a pick-up truck, feed grinder, stacking machinery, tractor, mower, baler, or road grader.

Coverage of Domestic Employees

Domestic servants are specifically excluded from coverage.

Medical Benefits

Full medical benefits are provided with no time or monetary limitations.

Benefits for Temporary Total Disability (TTD)

The percentage of worker's wage paid is 66 2/3 of actual monthly earnings. For weekly payments, there is no minimum. The maximum is $793, based on 100% of statewide average monthly wage. You may qualify for Temporary Total Disability Benefits if you are unable to work as a result of your work-related injury or condition. TTD Benefits will continue while you are totally disabled and unable to work in any capacity, but will not continue beyond 24 months. An injured worker receiving out-of-state health care at the instruction of the Workers' Safety and Compensation Division may be entitled to the same benefits.

Benefits for Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

There is no set percentage of worker's wage paid. For weekly payments, there is no minimum. The maximum is $793, based on 100% of statewide average monthly wage. The maximum period of payments is 80 months; benefits may be extended by the Workers' Safety and Compensation Division. Children receive a lump sum of $100 per month until age of majority, or until age 21 if incapacitated.

Benefits for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD)

The percentage of worker's wage paid is 66 2/3. For weekly payments there is no minimum, and the maximum is $529, based on 66 2/3 percent of statewide average monthly wage. For non-scheduled injuries, the maximum period of payments is in proportion to scheduled injuries, and there is no maximum total payable amount. Ratings for compensation purposes are determined by the degree of impairment assigned by a physician, times 2/3 of the State Average Monthly Wage times 44 months.

Disfigurement Benefits

Wyoming statutes cover disfigurement that is "Permanent of the face or head that affects earning capacity". Benefits are in proportion to the extent of the disfigurement plus an award based on 2/3 of the state average weekly wage, for a maximum period of 26 weeks.

Offset Provisions in State Laws

Section 27-14-401(iii)--Prohibits an employee who is receiving unemployment compensation to receive disability benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act.

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