Useful Technology for Students and Teachers


Don't forget to check out the student page for online games in every subject and other good stuff!

Presentation Tools

Have to make a presentation for class and you're tired of PowerPoint?  Try one of the following:

    Like PowerPoint...but cooler.

    Online posters

    Another great slideshow and collage tool

Photo Peach
    Great for digital storytelling


    Create a character and record your voice!

    Allows you to create videos and animations

Useful Apps for Teachers and Students


On the teacher page is more technology tools sorted by subject area.

Tools for the Trade

Edmodo- An educational Facebook; you can use with students to post messages, assignments, and further communication for after school hours.

DropBox- Keeps all of your files, documents, and other materials synced and readily accessible from anywhere that has an internet connection. Information on what it's about here.

Audacity- You and your students can record podcasts for free.

Rubistar- Create rubrics quickly and easily

Quiz Star- Make free online quizzes

Assign a Day- Online teacher-managed calenders that your students and parents can access at home.

Casa Notes- Templates for typical notes sent home (parent-teacher conferences, homework, student progress report, field trips, etc.)

Project Based Learning Checklists

Note Star- Helps you and your students organize notes for research papers and projects

Think Tank- Helps students develop a research organizer for projects and papers.

Kids' Vid- Students can make video productions

Still haven't found what you're looking for?  Try this site.