Hang Gliders

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Several hang glider pilots have been bitten by dogs and others have been chased during their take-off or landings. We know that our canine friends enjoy a chase so it is up us humans to keep everyone safe.
The pilots also have a problem with dog droppings. The poop is transferred from the pilots’ shoes, into their hang glider harness, and onto their helmets. Imagine how awful that is!
Please help us by making sure that if your dogs are in the hang gliders’ launch area, they are closely supervised and under strict voice control. Alternatively, keep your dogs on the trail and out of the launch area.
  • Unsure of whether your dogs will chase and you want to take the sand ladder down to the beach? Just leash up until you're past the landing & launch areas.
  • Want to help even more? Load the dispensers with extra bags; cleanup extra . . .