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Iron Gate Exhibition 2014
Friday, 9/26 - Sunday, 9/28
Boston, MA
Our mission will continue to be to showcase Historical Martial Arts by honoring the Old World Fechtschule tradition (i.e. skillful displays of traditional martial arts) in our modern-day home in New England, USA.  

CUTTING (Basic and Advanced)





3 days of CLASSES

AXEL PETTERSSON [Sweden] -- Longsword: staying safe in the "box" and playing for the head

BILL FRISBEE [NH] -- Harnischfechten: why every HEMA practitioner should try it

CHARLES DEILY [MA] -- A Vor and Nach model in Fiore's dagger, grappling and sword

CHARLES MURDOCK [VT] -- Meyer's longsword secondary cuts

CHRIS THOMPSON [ME] -- Highland Broadsword Tactics

EUGEN KAREL [Austria] -- What Paulus Hector Mair could do with his staff

FABRICE COGNOT [France] -- The French Rapier: how we finally managed to make the Italian rapier work

FRAN TERMINIELLO [United Kingdom] -- Manciolino Sword and Buckler

HARRY WINTER [Austria] -- Dagger Plays of Lignitzer and Wallerstein

JAKE PRIDDY [WV] -- Steeling the Center: Movement and Initiative in Liechtenauer's Longsword Traditions

JAMES CLARK [VA] -- Montante Strikes and Postures: The Utility of Postura Recta

JEREMY STEFLIK [CT] -- Fixed Bayonets!

NATHAN GREPARES [TX] -- David and Goliath: how to conquer height discrepancies

OMAR RODRIGUEZ [Mexico] -- Principios Básicos de la Verdadera Destreza (Basic principles of Verdadera Destreza)

PIERMARCO TERMINIELLO [United Kingdom] -- Two Swords from Palladini, Altoni, and Docciolini

REBECCA BOYD [MO] -- From the Salle to the Field: Classical Fencing for Historical Practice

TIM HALL [VA], MICHAEL-FOREST MESERVY [NV], KEITH COTTER-REILLY [GA/Ireland]: Midday Brawlers: a HEMA Wrestling Clinic

2 evenings of LECTURES

BRIAN STOKES [CA] -- The Fiore Getty manuscript: an in-depth look

MICHAEL CHIDESTER [MA] -- The Flower of Battle: Building a Bigger Picture of the Italic and Germanin manuscripts

PIERMARCO TERMINIELLO [United Kingdom] -- Italian Treatises from 1510-1640, with a study of Palladini's unpublished manuscript

DR. FABRICE COGNOT [France] -- "Streets of Blood": dueling culture in France in the Renaissance

HARRY WINTER [Austria] -- Piercing the veil of academic fraternity fencing (aka Mensur)

JEAN CHANDLER [LA] -- The Place of the Sword within the Social Estates of the Late Medieval World

And last but certainly not least: another US HEMA LIVESTREAM SERIES production, building on our experience from last year and introducing new elements, including EXHIBITION BOUTS -- more details to come shortly, stay tuned for special future livestream announcements... 

Early registration will begin shortly, so mark your calendars!  Prepare to answer our call to arms and visit us this Fall for the biggest HEMA event we've hosted to date!  

Rebecca Boyd, Charles Deily, & Jeff Tsay
- Co-hosts of Iron Gate Exhibition (
- Directors respectively of Second Intent Fencing (, Boston Armizare ( & Forte Swordplay (
- Members of WMAC (

BSG Friday

  • Here is a link to Friday's photos for the BSG:

  • IRON GATE EXHIBITION October 2-4 2015
    The premiere HEMA event for New England.

    IGX features exhibitions, tournaments, workshops, and lectures presented by Historical European Martial Arts instructors from around the world.

    For more information:

    Posted Sep 14, 2015, 6:18 PM by John O'Connor
  • New Location

    New England Movement Arts (NEMA)

    123 Muller Road, Burlington, MA 

    Posted Jul 13, 2015, 6:13 PM by John O'Connor
  • Article and Video from the New York Times
    Here is an article and video from the New York Times.­

    Posted Sep 18, 2014, 8:42 AM by John O'Connor
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Jeff Tsay wins 12 Straight Bouts at Longpoint 2011:

Reclaiming the Blade

we were recently fortunate enough to win some cool promotional gifts for Reclaiming the Blade, a well-produced documentary on WMA!  Just saw it recently, and we think the producers did a great job in promoting public awareness of the current development of Western martial arts, and helping to dispel several popular myths (e.g. Western medieval combat arts were brutish compared to Eastern equivalents, etc.). 

We'd certainly recommend this to anyone in a nice overview of WMA.  Netflix is now carrying this title, and even has a version you can Watch Instantly on your computer -- check it out!  You can also click here for a basic trailer, and a longer extended trailer.  Find out more at the official site

  Additional information is also available at the Forte Swordplay Meetup Site.