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Darryl R. Arms, Principal 
 200 Gilmer Hills Road
Fort Deposit, Al 36032
Phone:  334-227-8704
Fax:  334-227-4735 

Great Students!
 Great Staff! Great School!
Welcome to Fort Deposit Elementary School!

Every year we start anew our search to unlock the energy and learning potential of our students.  The journey is constant and forever.  Everyday, including the summer days, we are planning lessons that will stimulate the interest of our students.  These lessons are designed to enlighten and enhance the intellect of every student.  We are continuing our education to find the key to constantly unlock learning doors for our students.  We are constantly in search for that one solution that will move all students to new learning levels.  That one solution is designed specifically for your child, therefore, there are many solutions.


Great Students!

 As educators, learning is lifelong and career-long.  We expect the same for our students.  We expect students to be passively engaged everyday, but prefer that they are passionately engaged in learning.  Learning never stops, and it will be enjoyed if students are passionate about it. Fort Deposit Elementary School is passionate about improving the literacy skills of our students.  We are dedicated to reaching new heights that focus on reading, writing, math, and critical thinking.
    Great Staff!
Throughout the history of this school, the leadership and staff have been committed to accepting the challenges of necessary reform and acted as lead learners. We work to provide all learners with an enriched atmosphere and use the latest methods, tools, and training to equip students for a lifetime of learning in a real world. We are dedicated to facilitating the development of successful, responsible citizens who can meet the challenges of an ever-changing society.
    Great School!
Finally, there is a powerful statement that we can make to our children that will change them and solidify our relationship with them.  This simple statement can change the way our children and students view us, and how we see them.  That powerful statement is "I believe you can do whatever you set out to do...I believe in you".  Say it to your child, and wait for the outcome!

We never rest, until our good is better, and our better is BEST!

 Vision Statement

 Fort Deposit Elementary School will be recognized for possessing a
dedicated staff that is committed to the students, parents, and
community; therefore, promoting high student achievement.


Mission Statement

The mission of Fort Deposit Elementary School is to guide students through various experiences so that each child will excel academically and socially. In an effort to ensure students become fierce competitors on the economic world stage, our highly qualified staff will utilize instructional strategies that promote all learning styles.