Fort Collins Logo Project 

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 Congratulations to the designer of our winning logo Dave Croteau.

I would like to thank everyone who submitted a logo to the process, and to all those who voted for your favorite logo.  It was an exciting process to watch and facilitate especially the voting aspects of the contest.  The winning logo received 33 votes, and won in a classic Ebay move with the votes needed to win coming in as the minutes to the deadline ticked off.

Watch the Fort Collins Public Access Channel (Comcast Channel 22) to see a video displaying all the logos that were submitted to the process.


 Welcome to the Fort Collins Logo Project.

This site was created in response to the recent conversations around the newly created City of Fort Collins Logo.  Many in the community have said that they are capable of designing a logo superior to the one that the City of Fort Collins recently purchased.  In order to see how true these statements are, and to hopefully help move the discussion forward, this site has been setup to take in logo submissions from the community.

The site will allow for submissions of logos until April 8, 2008.  After that period it will allow for the community to vote on the logo that they prefer.

Good Luck to all graphic designers out there, and lets see what you got!!

Time to Vote!!!!

Thank you to everyone who was willing to take the time out of their day to submit a logo for the community to vote on.  Voting will close on April 24th at 11:59pm.  The winner will be announced on Friday April 25th.

I hope that this process allowed the community to see that the citizens of Fort Collins can do more than complain, that they can also take action.  I also hope that it allowed everyone a chance to vent some of there frustrations in a fun and meaningful way.