Class Syllabus

Forest Lake Senior High School Health


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This health education course has been designed in compliance with the goals and objectives of Forest Lake Schools and the Minnesota Department of Education using the State and National Standards for Health Education.


Course Description:

This course is not designed to provide a foolproof recipe for achieving health or answer all your questions. It is designed to provide fundamental knowledge about many health topics, to help you utilize personal and community resources to create your own health profile, and to challenge you to think more carefully before making decisions that will ultimately affect your health.

Health decisions should be based on the best available research and should be consistent with who you are, your values, beliefs, and who you want to become. Although health is not totally within your control, certain behavior choices will affect you positively today, as well as reduce future health risks. By making informed, rational decisions, you will be able to improve both the quality and the length of your life and perhaps have a positive influence on those around you.


Topics covered during the course include: PROMOTION of:  positive mental health practices, healthful nutrition and dietary practices; PREVENTION of: tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse, intentional and unintentional injuries, HIV/STDs, and unintentional pregnancies. Health education is a required course for graduation. Health literacy skills developed during the class include, decision making, goal setting, analyzing health influences, accessing information, interpersonal communication, self management, and advocating for one's personal health.


Student Learning Outcomes/Expectations:

1.       Describe and apply behaviors that promote wellness.

2.       Be able to apply and demonstrate health-enhancing behaviors          that reduce health risks.


Class Rules: Seven general class rules will guide student expectations and responsibilities.

1.       Be prepared and ready to learn.

2.      Be respectful of people and property.

3.      Be an active learner.

4.      No food or pop, water is O.K.

5.      Selective headphone use. (Only when approved by teacher.)

6.    Cell phone use when approved during class.

                  7.      You may use notes on TESTS. It is to your advantage to                         take good notes. You will

                        be rewarded.

Resource Materials:

1.       Textbook: Glencoe HEALTH (A Guide to Wellness) 2007

Student Evaluation and Grades:  Students will be evaluated and graded on the criteria listed below: 

                Class Participation:             20%

                Class Vocabulary:              10%

                Class Assignments:             35%

                Tests, Quizzes & Final:        35%

            A     94%      B+    88%      C+    78%     D+    68%

            A-    90%      B      84%      C      74%     D      64%

                                 B-     80%      C-     70%     D-     60%

Parents and Students: Feel free to contact the instructors if you have any questions or concerns about curriculum content.

Class Materials:

1.       Students must have their notebooks and folders during every class.

2.       A #2 pencil, with a good eraser is required on test and quiz days and/or a pen.

3.       A good attitude will always help.

Extra Credit:   Additional learning opportunities will be available to all students. All regular class assignments must be completed and assessed before any extra credit will be accepted. Extra credit should be discussed with the instructor beforehand.

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