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My work on NLP is about analyzing text using semantic features and common-sense knowledge. I am particularly interested in review data, e.g., reviews for products on Amazon. Recently, I gained interests in word embedding for disambiguation.

Recent publications



  • NAACL 2018, New Orleans, LA, due Dec. 15 (long) or Jan. 10 (short), on Jun. 1-6
  • IJCAI-ECAI-18, Stockholm, Sweden, due Jan. 31, on Jul. 13-19
  • ACL 2018, Melbourne, Australia, due Feb. 22, on Jul. 15-20
  • COLING 2018, Santa Fe, NM, due Mar. 16, on Aug. 22-25, 2018
  • EMNLP 2018, likely to be outside of the US.