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I began designing electronics circuits when I was a sophomore. My original purpose was to satisfy my curiosity. Although my future work may be more computational, designing and implementing circuit is still an interest of me and a necessary part of my research.

ECG/EMG/EEG sampling circuit

I built an electrophysilogical sampling circuit for Medical Instrumentation class taught at EE of Texas Tech. I can see my ECG using my own amplification and filtering circuit, with 16-bit ADC in NI myDAQ. I programmed the data acquisition, pre-processing and logging software using LabVIEW. Please click links below to see cool pictures.

Turning on/off home appliances from anywhere of the world

A demonstration video

SAMSUNG S3C2440 Development kit

There are a lot of interesting projects related to this S3C2440 board. The world of Linux and open source are awesome!


digitemp is a temperature sensing and monitoring program running on Linux. It can read data from temperature sensors connected on 1-wire buses. I use a PL2302 USB-to-RS232 adapter to connect to the DS18B20 sensor. In the DB9 connector, I made a circuit equivalent to DS9097 adapter.


parapin is a set of wonderful APIs to read and write data to parallel port on Linux. I am running the output test example to validate my circuit.