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I am Kaye Marie Forrest and Forrest Art was set up originally to promote my love of pyrography. Swiftly after we began my husband, Peter Forrest, added wood turning to our list of hand crafted goods. More recently, our daughter Jade-Marie began producing hand wrapped wire jewellery which we have now also added to the shelves.  We are located in a rural setting just outside of Bicester in the UK. A Little bit about us............. 

 Kaye-Marie Forrest
Oak Faerie
I studied at Banbury School of Art, then worked in various studios as a Paste Up Artist, stopping work to travel with my Husband for his job and to raise four beautiful people. Originally working portraits and figures in Pastels, I became inspired by the beauty and flexibility of Pyrography. Combining the natural beauty of wood with the images and patterns I create brings together two of the great loves of my life: Nature and Art. I enjoy the whole process of choosing the wood, sanding, looking at the patterns in the grain and matching a design or picture to that piece of wood, I also love the smell of the burned wood but I do use a mask when working to protect my lungs.I also enjoy the textures that can be made by burning at different temperatures/using different techniques and nibs. Glass painting I stumbled on accidentally. I have always loved glass in any shape or form and used to wander around flea markets and see the beautifully shaped glass and think - 'I could do something with that for somebody'. So, a few months ago I decided to put my thoughts into action and completed my very first glass painting. I enjoyed it so much I have now completed a number of projects. I have also recently begun painting in Pastels again and also in Acrylics. 

 Peter Forrest 
Bark edged bowl
By my own admission, I am so utterly devoid of artistic talent that I struggle to even draw the curtains. I am, however, proud of my role as Head Sander and Buffer. I also indulge in a spot of wood turning and some of the items you see on the site are a collaboration between my wood turning and Kaye's pyrography. However, thee majority of the beautiful bowls yous see have been turned by local woodturners who produce them to Kaye's specifications. The bowls I produce are turned on a battered old Clarke 37inch lathe ste up in a caravan in the back garden. By necessity, I have also spent more time immersed in HTML code than any self respecting Sander and Buffer should allow themselves. The website task has been delegated to me. Oh, and photography. I take the photographs and I am rubbish at that too. A Little bit about Kaye's Art................... 

What is Pyrography?
Pyrography means "writing with fire", from the Greek "pur" (fire) and "graphos" (writing).
 It is the art or craft of decorating wood or other materials (such as paper, leather and gourds) with burn marks. At it's simplest. Take a poker, stick it in a campfire and burn your name into a piece of wood as a memory of a happy time. For my art, there are various tools available to achieve the large range of tones and shades. The main one being the Pyrography Machine or Burner as they are lovingly also called. It is basically a fancy 
soldering iron. A pen is attached to a small box which has a dial to vary the temperature, the pen can have the effects used. The woods used are important. Light-coloured hardwoods such as Sycamore and Lime are most commonly used along with Ash, Beech and Birch. Their fine, even grain allows finer lines and greater control. Pyrography on pine and oak is possible, although the strong grain and softness of the 'meat' of the wood in Pine tends to catch the tips giving an uneven/blobby line. Oak is a very hard wood and requires a much higher temperature to burn effectively.different nibs fitted to create different marks. So really it is just varying the type of tip used, the temperature, or the way the iron is applied to the wood that creates 
Other materials are also used by pyrographers. Leather and Gourds are popular alternatives to wood and surprisingly Paper too! Pyrography is not just done with Pyrography machines - in the Florida Keys there are some amazing Solar Pyrography artists using just the power of the sun and a magnifying glass! Also, around the world there are many who just use the basic one temperature soldering iron type pen. Pyrography does not need to be expensive. Old Gaol Craft Fair As well as selling on line Kaye also exhibits at local craft fairs.
I do hope that you enjoy browsing the site and seeing the works we have for sale. If you have any comments or suggestions I am always happy to hear them - just email me.
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Forrest Art trades under our Company name of Forrest Training Services Ltd (company reg number 05650922).

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