Get Started

Demo video - with install and configuration overview

This video is slightly outdated as it was made for version 3.0 and the latest is 3.5. The main differences you're going to find is that the support sheet is now obligatory and that the status column is now the first.
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Install steps (from gallery):

Note: If you're upgrading from a previous version, take a look at the "Upgrading steps" below.
  1. Open your Spreadsheet/Form. (It should already have at least the basic structure of your data, i.e. the 1st row filled with the data headers. In case of a Form it's done automatically when you create the form).
  2. Click menu Insert > Script.
  3. A internal popup window should open, click the search box and type: formemailer
  4. A list with some scripts should appear, locate the "FormEmailer" script, developed by hgabreu and click its install button. (nowadays this search returns two scripts and FormEmailer is the 2nd one)
  5. A authorization popup shows up and you need to click Authorize to proceed.
  6. A browser popup window shows up, it should close itself automatically. And back to the main window, you can close the Script Gallery internal popup window by clicking Ok.

Install from website/source:

When I publish a new version, the script gets removed from the gallery and until the new version is approved by Google, it will not show up there. In my experience with various versions of FormEmailer, this approval process can take from a few days to few months. But if you don't want, you don't have to wait. You may always install the script from its source (found here), the steps are a little more complicated, but nothing to be afraid of.
Note: if you're concerned with grabbing the latest, unapproved, source code from here, you can use an older (approved) version that you might have on a spreadsheet of yours.
  1. Download the latest version from the Updates page.
  2. Open it with any pure text editor. On Windows, use wordpad (not office's Word).
  3. Select all the code (Ctrl+A) and copy it (Ctrl+C).
  4. Open the desired spreadsheet.
  5. Click the menu Tools Script editor...
  6. A new window should open up with a tab "(new script)" and a sample empty function. Select all this sample code (Ctrl+A) and delete it.
  7. Now paste (Ctrl+V) the code copied on step 3.
  8. Save it. Either by clicking the save button, hitting Ctrl+S or picking the menu File > Save.
  9. It will asks you for a name and description, I suggest "FormEmailer" and "developed by Henrique Abreu".
  10. Now click the menu Run > onInstall.
  11. A authorization popup will show up. Click ok and then run the onInstall function again.
It's done. You may close the script editor window now and use FormEmailer as you've installed it from the gallery.

Upgrading steps:

  1. Follow the steps to uninstall the older version (below).
  2. Rename/Delete the sheet named "FormEmailer".
  3. Follow the steps to install the new version from above.

Uninstall steps:

  1. Open up the desired spreadsheet and click the menu Tools Script editor...
  2. Make sure the FormEmailer script is the one opened (by looking at the tab name). If not, search for it in the menu File > Open.
  3. Before deleting the script, let's removed any setup triggers by clicking the menu Triggers > Current script's triggers.
  4. Remove the triggers by clicking the "x" button on the left of each one, and click Save. Don't worry with the fixed "onOpen" and "onEdit" ones.
  5. Now click the menu File > Delete.
You may close the script editor window and refresh the spreadsheet (so the FormEmailer menu goes away).