Get Started

Installation steps:

  1. Go to the Updates subpage here and download the latest code.
  2. Open the script file with any file viewer/editor that can open plain text files. I recommend using the browser itself, just drag and drop the file from the downloads bar onto the browser tab itself for the content to be presented.
  3. Open your Spreadsheet on another tab
    1.  It is recommended that your sheet already has a basic structure of your data, i.e. the 1st row filled with the data headers.
  4. Click menu Tools > Script Editor.
  5. On the new tab that opened, delete all template content (you can press ctrl+A, then delete to achieve that).
  6. Copy *all* the Formemailer code from where you have it open and paste it on this tab.
  7. Save it. Either by clicking the save button, hitting Ctrl+S or picking the menu File > Save.
  8. It will ask to give the script a name, I suggest "FormEmailer" 
  9. Now click the menu Run > onInstall.
  10. A authorization popup will show up. Follow its flow naturally and authorized the script execution.
  11. Go back to the Spreadsheet tab. A new "FormEmailer" menu must have showed up there, click on it and pick "Install"
  12. Select your language and correct sheet and click "Install"
  13. That's it, FormEmailer should be installed now.

Setting up the trigger:

Note: Before setting a trigger you should have already set up your FormEmailer with proper emails and ran tests by issuing Proccess Manually.
  1. Go to the Script Editor tab (if you closed it, just pick the menu Tools > Script editor)
  2. Pick the menu Edit > Current project's triggers
  3. Click the blue link to add a trigger
  4. The trigger settings should be (in the same order they appear on screen):
    1. timeDrive - Time-driven - Minutes timer - Every 5 minutes
  5. Click Save
  6. That's it. You can close the script editor tab now.
ps: lots of people ask if they can use the trigger setup "timeDriven - From spreadsheet - On form submit" instead of the "Every 5 minutes" one. The quick answer is: yes, you can. But if your Form is very active (think concurrent users submitting), the script may end up processing a same row two or more times.

Uninstall steps:

  1. Open up the desired spreadsheet and click the menu Tools Script editor...
  2. Make sure the FormEmailer script is the one opened (by looking at the tab name). If not, search for it in the menu File > Open.
  3. Before deleting the script, let's removed any setup triggers by clicking the menu Triggers > Current script's triggers.
  4. Remove the triggers by clicking the "x" button on the left of each one, and click Save. Don't worry with the fixed "onOpen" and "onEdit" ones.
  5. Now click the menu File > Delete.
You may close the script editor window and refresh the spreadsheet (so the FormEmailer menu goes away).