FormEmailer is a Google Apps Script for Google Forms and Spreadsheets.
With it you're able to easily set up flexible e-mail merge in your spreadsheets and automatic emailing to your forms.
The best part is that you need NO javascript knowledge, and everything is set up in a simple interface.

  • Get Started
    • Check out the video demo walking-through the steps to install the script and get a basic example running.
    • There's also instructions on how to: upgrade; install from source; and uninstall the script.
  • Formatting & Html
    • Learn the built-in format options for #placeholders# and a basic overview of html.
  • Advanced settings
    • Understand each parameter of the "Advanced" settings tab and use FormEmailer to its full potential.
  • Usages Examples (ToDo)
    • Send multiple emails per form.
    • Send bulk mail merge on demand, without a Form.
    • Complex spreadsheet logic: check resources availability, duplicated submits, etc.
    • Send summary emails, daily or weekly.
  • Common Problems
    • Having trouble to get your settings the way you like? Please take a look here before email the discussion group.
  • Discussion Group 
    • Any doubts or suggestions regarding FormEmailer? Please join this Google Group, everyone is invited!
  • Translations  available in 7 languages!
    • Want to use FormEmailer in your language? It's very simple to translate it, check it out!
  • Updates
    • Keep track of the latest releases and stay updated.