About Me

Early on in my riding career I tried the oft-recommended band-aids like cartridge emulators. But I still had to fiddle with oil weights trying to get a handle on rebound, and having to fish them in and out of the oil column to make adjustments was downright inconvenient and messy. I did several bikes this way and was never satisfied with the results before I decided enough was enough. There had to be a better way.

So in 2003 I set about retrofitting GSXR and ZX6R cartridge systems into my personal rides and thereafter for others who were likewise fed up.

To say the transformation in stability and bump compliance was profound is putting it mildly. Whereas riding over frost heaves and sharp-edged bumps would hammer the palms of my hands, now I felt a mild "thump" and the front end stayed planted. Similarly, I didn't have to wait for the bike to settle down in curves before I could get back on the gas or risk running wide. Then there was the incredible convenience of a few clicks of rebound, a twist of compression, a couple turns of preload and I could trivially transition from hot to cold seasons, from dry to wet, from street to track, from riding single to 2-up. I was hooked.

Matthew Patton
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