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Movie Title :City of Angels

Angels are among us and when we feel an invisible presence, you better believe they are watching you. For a Los Angeles heart surgeon named Maggie, that is too much of a stretch. She believes that it is her job to save the lifes of her patients and when she meets Seth after visiting hours are over, he tells her it's simply just their time to go. She becomes intrigued by his presence and opinion. Seth is not just normal, he is an Angel. He meets Messinger while visiting patients. Messinger can see him because he was once a Angel but gave his power up to become human. This makes Seth want to become human so he can feel, smell, and love Maggie.

Year : 1998

Genres : Fantasy Drama Romance

Rating [imdb] : 6.20

She didn't believe in angels until she fell in love with one. What if angels walked amoung us, and one of them fell in love with us?

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Actors : Nicolas Cage=Seth Meg Ryan=Dr. Maggie Rice Andre Braugher=Cassiel Dennis Franz=Nathaniel Messinger Colm Feore=Jordan Ferris Robin Bartlett=Anne Joanna Merlin=Teresa Messinger Sarah Dampf=Susan Rhonda Dotson=Susan's Mother Nigel Gibbs=Doctor John Putch=Man in Car Lauri Johnson=Woman in Car Christian Aubert=Foreign Visitor in Car Jay Patterson=Air Traffic Controller Shishir Kurup=Jimmy, Anesthesiologist Brian Markinson=Tom, Surgical Fellow Hector Velasquez=Scrub Nurse Marlene Kanter=Circulating Nurse #1 Bernard White=Circulating Nurse #2 Dan Desmond=Mr. Balford

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Directors : Brad Silberling

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