Come help the populace of the former Shire of Dun Ard celebrate

The Last Ceilidh

-Hosted by the Barony of Forgotten Sea-


April 18th and 19th  

(Site Opens Saturday 8:00 AM April 18th - Closes Sunday 1:00 PM April 19th)

- Camping and Crash Space Available -


Fort Leavenworth Hunt Lodge, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027 (Lat/Long: 39.358749,-94.941498)


ARCHERY!  First chance of the season to bend your bow!*

SCRIBAL ARTS!  Show your skills to the most discerning experts in the world!**

FIGHTING! The noble warriors of (former) Dun Ard and their friends will defy the Barony of Forgotten Sea’s unjust invasion!***

HIGHLAND GAMES! See how much fun sheep can be!****

BARDIC CIRCLE!  Needs no further hype!


Site fee (includes lunch): $7 per adult; $4 children 7 to 17; under 8 FREE; [$5 non-member surcharge]; $21 family cap.


Additional $8 per adult; $5 Children 7 to 17.

Please make checks payable to “SCA Inc., Barony of Forgotten Sea”


Gate will be at the Fort Leavenworth Visitor Center. 

To access the post, non-military members will need to receive a pass when they pay gate: please bring a photo ID for each adult, and registration & proof of insurance for all vehicles coming on post.   



Fort Leavenworth Visitor Center: 

Take your best route to Leavenworth, Kansas.  Visitor Center is located at the corner of 4th Avenue and Metropolitan / Hwy 7 (four blocks west of the Missouri River).

Map to Hunt Lodge will be provided at Gate/Visitor Center, or e-mail Event Steward if you would like an advance copy (or search Google Maps: “Fort Leavenworth Hunt Lodge”).


Event Stewards:

Caitlin nic Raighne 
MKA: Martha Rice   
4302 Broadway Terrace, Leavenworth, KS 
(913) 775-0088          
 Roland Follifoote
MKA: Christopher Carbone
33 Kansas Ave, Ft Leavenworth, KS 66027
(971) 281-0335


 * That we are aware of.

** That we acknowledge.

*** Or, “Dun Ard’s liberation from its backwards ways”, depending on your point of view.

**** Do not let your imagination run wild with this.