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 MC writes -- This program was a tremendous blessing to me.  Though I had to walk through some dark areas I had not seen before, I felt "awakened" because of the program.  The care and love that came from the facilitators was tremendous.  Praise God for programs like these -- which has brought me closer to God!  I would recommend it to anyone for healing in their areas of shame & guilt.


A Woman who just completed the Summer 2007 class writes…….

Forgiven and Set Free changed my life.  It was one of the biggest blessings in my life.  God worked a miracle in me!  Praise Him!  I was being emotionally strangled by guilt, shame, and fear.  I could not forgive myself and certainly could not accept God’s forgiveness.  I struggled with depression and low self esteem.  This class was a miracle.  I was bathed in prayer by my intercessory prayer sister, immersed in God’s Word through the study and loved by the women in the class.  Praise God because today I have the victory through Jesus!  I have been set free – free to love God and feel his love and forgiveness, free to love my family and feel their love, and free to acknowledge my daughter in heaven whom I had been denying all these years.  God is so good!

This class was amazing.  I’m not sure what I expected when I first came but WOW what a difference it has made in my life.  First of all, the facilitators; Dawn & Linda are so genuine and speak from their hearts.  They hold nothing back about their experiences; and Kathy, how wonderful a Christian woman who has had no abortion and passes no judgment on anyone!  I never felt anything but love from these 3 wonderful women.

The Bible material was wonderful.  It was in-depth and thought provoking.  I felt like there were times that the LORD was just reaching into my heart and pulling out all the garbage; the guilt, fear, low self esteem, etc.  It was an amazing experience.

The Memorial Service was beautiful.  There are no words to describe what it meant to me to finally give my child this honor.  It touches my heart.  Thank you – Thank you God! 

My life has been so changed since the class. My whole outlook on life is different. I felt like I had shackles on me before that were constantly wearing me down, making me feel so inadequate and unworthy for anything I felt God leading me to do. My new life’s motto is: "I am passionately loved by my creator of the universe. I am passionately hated by His enemy." When you are aware of this.... what a revelation and freedom. You have ammunition to use anytime because you know where the struggles, guilt and pain are coming from. And it is so unnecessary to endure that... when you have been set free by your Savior, you are free indeed!!! Janice

The Forgiven & Set Free class was a big eye opener for me.  It brought out feelings that I didn’t know I felt.  But I’ll be really honest with all of you; those feelings did not surface until the very end of our study, as we were memorializing our babies.  The other ladies in the class probably thought I was as cold as a rock because I didn’t share the same guilt or shame they did.  When I started the class I felt absolutely NO REGRET and NO REMORSE (I was pro-abortion 100%).  I knew or thought I knew I had done the right thing and I was going to attend the class to prove it and help others see that abortion WAS the right choice.  But the Lord had a very different way of showing me that I was wrong.  It’s truly amazing that He let me go on believing what I wanted for sixteen years, because when I repented, it was a moment of true liberation from my sin and shame.  I experienced feelings that I didn’t know were hidden and locked inside me.  Abortion is wrong and it affected me in many ways but now God has me on the right path and I would love it if you would join me.  The Forgiven & Set Free class did a marvelous work in me and I encourage everyone who has been through an abortion to join - even if you think you don’t need it give it a try and stick with it.  I pray that you will also experience the Love and Forgiveness of God just like I have.                                                                                                                                                                                              Tedra Solis


CP writes after completing the class -- It was a great program.  I am SO thankful for all the ladies.  It helped me to see things in another persepctive and see God's love and forgiveness.  I cannot change anything I have done but I can accept forgiveness and move on.... I notice now I don't feel uncomfortable around children as I did before.  I use to try to ignore them, but now I pay attention and notice what a blessing children are and all the wonderful things they bring into lives and the world. 




After completing the study Valerie writes –

“This is the most amazing experience.  Words cannot express how the Living God touched me and forgave me and healed me. ...This study has done all these things for me …  Released me from so many chains of bondage that I didn’t ever know were strangling me….I didn’t realize how bad I felt until now that I feel so good….I am closer to the LORD than I’ve ever been in my life… I’ve never felt so ‘clean’ — forgiven, white as snow….I’ve never earned so much respect from my 15 years old daughter as I now have by sharing my experience with her. … I can accept full responsibility and really accept that Jesus died for my sins, all of them, even my abortion; that it’s over forgotten by God and I am Blessed and FREE.”


After completing the study Brenda writes— “ I didn’t know I had a problem…..This study has encouraged me to seek healing in God’s word.  To understand my feelings of sadness and guilt, and to be able to freely know God’s love and plan for me.  Now I am Free to go out in this world and share God’s goodness and believe that goodness applies to me as well.  ….. Thank you Lord for showing me the truth of your love. 


“I believe this is a wonderful and much needed ministry.  I have to wonder how many other women there are sitting in the pews who suffer as I suffered with a secret shame and not 'feeling' forgiven.  I found myself, over the years, asking for forgiveness for my abortions again and again.  I now know I am forgiven and more importantly, have finally forgiven myself.

I would like to encourage anyone who has experienced abortion to take this bible study.  I thought I didn’t really need this class because I knew that the LORD had forgiven me for my abortion sins, however, my heart had not received His full forgiveness.  I found myself asking for forgiveness, for this sin in particular, over and over again.  Through God’s healing work through this bible study, I can now testify that I am truly forgiven & Set Free!  The LORD has turned my (secret) mourning into dancing.  Now all my thoughts about my aborted babies are filled with joy because through this study their lives have been validated and memorialized and that is what ‘I carry’ in my heart now.  I have traded in the lies for the truth! ”

            Jo Ann Weatherly


Another woman writes..."The program is a God send. I loved being immersed in the word. It asked questions that took me back to a time in my life I have tried to avoid for 26 years. I feel this program is a must for post abortive women. It is a way to bring much needed healing and closure.....what an awesome experience the memorial service was. I can't stop thinking about the night and the freedom it has given me. I just didn't realize how much I needed to acknowledge and repent and forgive to bring closure. I have been considered a "leader" for several years now in different ministries and as much as I knew of God's love and forgiveness, I still lived 24/7 in shame. I had looked at ALL areas of my life except this one that I had hidden so, so deep. Well, since I've exposed it and deal with it (God's way), I no longer have shame. I truly don't feel anymore... It's incredible!!! I feel clean!!"