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About 'Forging Life' idea

To solve the 54th part of the main quest line ..."Meet me at the chruch at midnight, I'll only be there for ten minutes...", sentances like this have to long been the dominant reason for quitting otherwise good games. Why?

We believe no one really knows why. At some point it became the "proper" way of doing Role Playing Games. The game must have a contant flow of quests to keep people occupied and the questlines must be epic. The played char, is always the big forgotten hero with the legendary, one of a kind ability. But why??

Well we see things differently. 

We might be a couple of nerds missing the old days, but when we played Ultima Online many years ago there were no questlines and we were not the "Chosen One" on and epic mission to save the world from evil.

However we were never borred. Surviving was a struggle! Getting gear and materials was such a risky task, that people often ended up losing precious gear in the process. Fantasy games take place in the middle ages era, mainly because it was tough and violent times, but also a time where you could get a long way with simple means. We miss games with freedom and opportunities where you can truly choose you own path.

If life was like the games we know, where the player is guided through life with little or no freedom to act outside the path defined - the quitting of life, would be substantial bigger that we know it today. 

Our idea with Forging Life, is that you - you decide your own path...

Venture into the world with nothing, and become what and who your want!

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