Mason to Martin 1624

1833 Marriage of Pierre Masson son of Augustin Masson to Josephte Lamaitre Auger
1792 Marriage of Augustin Masson son of Pierre Masson and Marie Charlotte Alari to Marie Josephte Lamaitre (dit Auge)
1757 Marriage of Pierre Macon (Masson) son of Francois Macon and Louise Pare to Louise Millet (first wife) Marie Charlotte second
1762 Marriage of Pierre Masson to Marie Joseph Alarie (later see Marie Charlotte?) from Tanguay Dictionary
1724 Marriage of Jean Francois to Louise Pare

1690 Marriage of Francois Pare to Marguerite Racine this gives son-in-law as Francois Masson St-Augustine (Tanguay Dictionary) Below is the original Record.
1667 (later entry in register) Noel Racine son of Entienne Racine
1638 Marriage of Etienne Racine to Maguerite Martin (she would have been 14)

1624 Birth of Marguerite Martin
Death of her father Abraham MartinĀ