Argument Against James Forgey Lineage

 The James Forgey Lineage was strictly based on Deeds found in Knox County, TN. It was assumed this James Forgey must have been the father of the younger men even though the deeds never stated this.

According to the SAWYERS-HARRIS Family History, and Lucille Wallace's Forgey Family History, Alexander, James, Hugh, and Andrew Forgey were the sons of James Forgey who immigrated from Ireland to America in 1779 ( the author of the Sawyers- Harris family history never named a specific person as being Andrew Forgey; Lucille Wallace later did ). Alexander Forgey was said to have been born at sea. James Forgey was said to have purchased 500 acres of land on Flat Creek, in Knox County, Tennessee. A land grant, for a James Forgey, was issued in 1792; he purchased the warrant for this land grant from Richard Freer on 10 July 1788. I have tried to verify all of this. So far this info doesn't look very credible. It would have been very unlikely that a family would have emigrated to America, in 1779, during the Revolutionary War. According to the 1850 Census for Indiana, Alexander G. Forgey was born in Virginia, not at sea. I have looked at several deeds quoted in Lucille Wallace's Forgey Family History. Through careful reading I have determined that the 500 acres on Flat Creek in Knox County, Tennessee were most likely owned by James Forgey of Hawkins County, Tennessee. Not the same James Forgey referred to above. Instead, he was the son of Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds (they were originally from Ireland). Their son James owned many tracts of land in Tennessee, and elsewhere. 

The deeds filed by James Forgey when he sold his Flat Creek land to Andrew and Alexander Forgey state that he was a resident of Hawkins County, TN at the time of the sale in 1802. James Forgey never appears on jury lists for Knox County (jury lists begin in 1792). So I don't believe that James lived on his Flat Creek property. Both Andrew and Alexander, however, are said to be residents of Knox County, TN, according to the same deeds.

James Forgey sold 250 acres, of his original 500, on Flat Creek to Alexander Forgey on 2 December 1802 (Warranty Deed Book L Volume 1 on pages 4-5, Knox County Archives, Knoxville,Tn) View image. According to Lucille Wallace this is supposed to be a father to son deed. No relationships are mentioned in the deed, and it is a warranty deed, making it unlikely that this is a father to son transaction as stated by Lucille Wallace. On the same day, 2 Dec 1802, James Forgey sold the remaining 250 acres to Andrew Forgey. This is not the Andrew Forgey born in 1794, as stated by Lucille Wallace, but someone born much earlier. All the evidence I have seen points to this Andrew, owner of 250 acres on Flat Creek, later settling in Maury County, TN. An Andrew and Elen Forgey witnessed a deed in Knox County in the year 1808. I believe that this Elen may be Eleanor Randall-Forgey, wife of Andrew Forgey. Also, Andrew Forgey was appointed administrator of the estate of Betsy Sawyers in Maury County, TN. She may have been a member of the Sawyers family of Knox County, TN. This Andrew may be the brother of Alexander Forgey born 1779. I believe that both Andrew and Alexander Forgey might be sons of Alexander Forgey of Washington County, Virginia not James. My basis for this is the fact that Alexander may have been named after his father, and he was said to have been born in Virginia and that's where the elder Alexander Forgey lived. None of the elder Alexander's children have been named.

I believe the conclusion that Andrew Forgey, born on 10 Dec 1794, is the son of James Forgey needs to be re-evaluated. I can find evidence of only one James Forgey living in Hawkins County, TN. This James is the son of Andrew Forgey and Margaret Reynolds. James Forgey's family has been well documented, and he didn't have a son named Andrew. However James had two brothers, Hugh and John, but the names of their children are unknown.

I believe that Andrew Forgey born 10 Dec 1794 is most likely the son of Hugh Forgey and Catherine Fisher. According to a letter written by Hugh Crawford (born 13 Nov 1806 Knox County, TN) John Forgey migrated to middle Tennessee; where he died. John is not listed on the 1809 tax list for Hawkins County, TN. Hugh Crawford, John's nephew, also stated in a letter, written on 4 April 1834, "Uncle John FORGEY'S oldest son Andrew is dead." This would eliminate John as my Andrew's father. My Andrew died 1879. Hugh CRAWFORD had no information on Hugh FORGEY'S family. {letters transcribed by Kenneth EDMONDSON}

The snippet below from Reynolds Family Letter's seems imply that Hugh and Catherine did have children. I have not been able to find the names of their children listed anywhere. Circumstantial evidence points to their being Archibald Forgey (Catherine's father was named Archibald), Andrew Forgey b. 1794 and James Forgey.