Improving Well-Being with Lion's Mane Mushrooms
Lion's Mane Mushrooms are fantastic immune system boosters. Those who
take Lion's Mane claim that within a week they are able to notice a
difference in memory after building up within the immune system. How
people take Lion's Mane varies. People may find that a regular intake
of juices with the mushrooms can significantly influence the immune
system. Some individuals with arthritis even notice a difference in
their joint movement after taking Lion's Mane for a while. This could
be because the body is able to better fight any toxicity within the
body and protect the joints from inflammation and infection.
Lion's Mane and the Mind
Lion's Mane is certainly gaining more attention than what it used to
because of its ability to ward off dementia. Perhaps this is why it
has been used as a treatment for some of the world's most difficult
diseases for centuries. At one time, Chinese tradition only allowed
Lion's Mane to be eaten by Emperors. This shows how the effect of the
mushroom was already known by Chinese doctors. They used Lion's Mane
to help relieve issues involving the digestive tract such as duodenal
ulcers and stomach ulcers. The mushrooms were also given to those with
cancers of the esophagus, the duodenum, and of the stomach.
These effects are due to the beta glucan polysaccharides, or complex
sugars, along with fatty acids and polypeptides. All of these have a
lot to do with the curative effects. Also contained within Lion's Mane
is oleanolic acids and adenosine. These stimulate the modulation of
the immune system and the induction of interferons. These processes
boost the number of white blood cells to help in healing processes.
The healing of ulcers is accelerated, gastric mucus barrier function
is enhanced, and anti-inflammatory effects are exhibited.
One of the most significant effects of Lion's Mane is that it has a
positive effect on dementia. A study conducted by Shizoka University
Japan showed that Lion's Mane stimulates Nerve Growth Factor. A lack
of Nerve Growth Factor is what contributes to such conditions as
Alzheimer's Disease. Unfortunately, Nerve Growth Factor is something
that diminishes and it can be difficult to replenish because it is too
large and significant to pass through the membrane that protects it.
The study conducted at Shizoka showed that Lion's Mane can replenish
Nerve Growth Factor, therefore reducing the effects that dementia can
have on a person's life. This significantly improves the quality of
This is basically a prevention of the breakdown of healthy
neurological function. If there is a breakdown, that breakdown can be
stopped and further breakdown prevented. This is not a cure for
dementia, but the benefits are significant in slowing down the effects
and possibly halting any further damage. To get optimum effects, it is
important to add Lion's Mane to an existing supplement schedule. Do
not change the intake of vitamins and minerals. Simply add Lion's Mane
to the routine to reap the benefits of all the things you are doing to
improve your health.
Right now, the most conventional method to treat Alzheimer's Disease
is to treat those symptoms that are the result of dying neurons. With
Lion's Mane, the cause is treated. The mushroom actually has an
influence on what the cause is. It is not completely understood what
leads to the loss of Nerve Growth Factor, but replenishing the Nerve
Growth Factor through a natural remedy makes a significant difference.
A person can also add Lion's Mane to their diet to simply work on
preventing dementia. Keeping Nerve Growth Factor fed will help it
remain intact as you age. You can also reap the other health benefits
that Lion's Mane has to offer.
Other Health Benefits
Other health benefits that are exhibited by Lion's Mane include
regulating cholesterol levels and blood sugar. These are very
important for healthy lifestyles. What is even better is that Lion's
Mane is deemed completely safe. There are no signs of toxicity since
the mushroom itself promotes the expulsion of toxins within the body.
Scientific research has shown that there are no known side effects,
which may have something to do with the fact that Lion's Mane is
completely natural and edible. Throughout recorded history, there have
not been any side effects recorded. If there have been any, they have
not been significant enough to mention.
It is clear to see that the benefits are many. Lion's Mane may seem
somewhat complicated, but it is that complicity that makes it so
effective. It works on bodily processes to ensure they continue to
function the way that they're supposed to. This provides a degree of
equilibrium in your life that you need to function properly. You'll
feel better and you'll even live longer when you take care of
yourself. The benefits can't be denied, so it is ideal to start your
intake of Lion's Mane as soon as you can.