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Maps Forged By MrGreenWithAGun


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Designed for Slayer, Ricochet and CTF, Ricochet map contest winner, introduced into the Ricochet Play List Fall 2013.


This map was designed exclusively for the Husky Raid game type. I found the game to be a lot of fun and thought it really deserved more maps to play on than just Meta Raid.

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Robin Hood

This map was designed exclusively for the Husky Raid game type. I found the game to be a lot of fun and thought it really deserved more maps to play on than just Meta Raid.

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The name of the map is a Hawaiian style word that translates Burial Grounds for the Chiefs. This map is designed for symmetrical game play specifically for CTF, Ricochet, but can support Slayer, Extraction, Oddball, and KOTH. This map is a work in progress and I wonder if I will finish it before The Master Chief Collection is released?

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Flight Deck

This is my first published work. It was prototyped under Mutiny. But one night as I was trying to tweek Mutiny, I tore the ship apart and started over with just the bow section. The result was over 20% longer, more symmetry, and more room on the lower floor. This map was my BTB entry in the forgetacular contest. It was designed for every game type, including Invasion and Race. However, the Invasion game setup was bare bones and only to make the claim it played the Invasion game type. My first real attempt at an Invasion game experience would not come until Affirmation.

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The key to making a game type for Flight Deck is to make sure that the initial weapons include DMRs, as a lot of fighting takes place over the length of the ship. Pistols just don't cut it. Also, for objective games, you want the objective carrier to be able to drive vehicles, so that they can get on a falcon, even in the gunner position, while carrying the objective. It turns out that falcon gunner position requires driver status, though the same is not true for the warthog.


In an effort to help create BTB Heavy content, I took my mountainous Ridgeline map that I was forging for an Invasion map and began evolving it into what became Superstition. It provides a snipers nest paradise, heavy vehicle fire power, cover for foot troops through out the mountains, and a variety of power weapons through out.

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Superstition was introduced into BTB Play List March 2012.


One night I was trying to find inspiration for forging and I decided to look at the various canvases that were available. I didn't get past Anchor 9. I decided I could throw some junk around, give it the old classic horror film look, and make a pretty nifty infection map. It took me much longer than I anticipated, but I learned a lot about spawning with this map. Particularly, I learned that the death influence is tremendous and that most unexplained observations in spawning behavior can find their roots in recent deaths.

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DeepScream9 made it into the Living Dead Playlist in January 2012.

Rising Dead

This is my first infection map, and I entered it into the forgetacular contest. It took me only 6 hours or so of forging once I knew what I wanted. The specific area on Forge World was chosen for its shapes and slopes.

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The main emphasis of this map was to demonstrate immersion into a theme - a grave yard - with very little effort required.

Twin Fields

After Flight Deck, I wanted another aerial combat map. This was before I learned that most players like aerial combat, but not really. What I really wanted to do with this map was take the air field and build an air traffic control tower that at first glance you knew what it was, even though it was not proportionally correct. I was experimenting with utility (functionally useful for the game) and illusion.

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Download Twin Fields' Air Space (KOTH) Game Type
Download Sample Team Slayer Game Type

Twin Fields supports a number of game types. And you can create your own. The only thing you should consider is that for objective games you really should allow the object carrier to pilot aircraft, so they can make use of all vehicles.

Twin Fields is also my first map that supports 4 teams. Blue an Green share/compete for one air field and Red and Orange the other. This was the best approach to making the game play equal.

The most amazing game play on this map is Twin Fields' Air Space. It is a KOTH variant where the air above the ground has two spaces that falcons must occupy and control. What is quite unusual about this game type is the rockets from the ground to shoot them down. At moments you can see a lot of rockets going up into the sky toward a hovering falcon. The scene from the ground is surreal.

Shopping Spree

There is a map out there somewhere called JetWay. I like it so much that I told the forger that if he didn't want to clean it up and move it all to the out doors, I would do something like it. I wanted JetWay in Match Making and I saw forgetacular a way to get it there. But since he didn't do anything with it, I decided to make a shopping mall. Like his design, my shopping mall had a sky light. Unlike his, my sky light was actually under the sky and you could see the water fall. But in the end, the illusion of a mall just never worked and the utility suffered as I tried to make it happen. This was a failure in my eyes, but I learned also.

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