This site provides a comprehensive collection of information for forgers across Halo titles, with each section being a distinct collection of articles unto themselves.

Level Design provides forgers with topics on things to consider when forging a map for any Halo title. These lessons are in essence general level design concepts applied to Halo forge.

Halo 2 Anniversary has a few guides I have come across that I think are the most interesting and informative. I hope to add my own material as time goes on.

Halo: Reach provides all of my original blog posts discussing forging for Reach with emphasis on spawning and forging for Invasion game type.

Halo 4 covers mostly spawning information for Halo 4. There are not as many articles here, in large part because there wasn't much interest in Halo 4, and it was during the Halo 4 era that I hunkered down and pushed out my Level Design articles.

Recommended Sites

Beyond Entertainment – for forgers that aspire to build competitive maps for Halo, this is the site to go to!
Pete The Duck . com – one of the more comprehensive site on Halo Forging, highly recommend!

General Articles

Halo: Why It Stands Out In A Class Of Its Own – The magic of Halo, MrGreenWithAGun.
Hardy LeBel Blog- Game Design From a Halo CE Developer
Why is de_dust2 so good? –A case study of what makes a good asymmetrical map.
Competitive Design Guide by Joel McDonald – Level design guide based on Quake
Secrets of the Sages: Level Design - Marc Saltzman
This site is now static with no plans to add additional content in the future. My hobby and passion has swung away from forging, and so I am pushing back from the table and calling it a night.