Kevin Forgard - Instructional Designer

Hello everyone and welcome. Thanks to Rob Pusch for inviting me to be a guest speaker in your class. This is my third visit to IDE and it is something I look forward to doing each Spring. During this week, we can get to know each other a bit and then meet during your class time on March 31, 2015 via a Google Hangout room, which will be posted here.

What this guest speaker session is all about

Unlike other guest speakers you may have had, this session will run similar to a flipped classroom. During this week, I ask that you participate in the discussion group by reflecting on the materials presented in each discussion section. Then, when we meet in your live class, I will ask everyone to participate in some activities related to our discussions.

Each video is about 5-10 minutes long and supported by additional materials and links that you may review based on your interest.

I look forward to having an active and engaging learning opportunity this week.

Kevin Forgard

IDD&E M.S. (2010)

This week's Learning Dynamic

My intention during our time together is to give you the opportunity to share your thoughts and ask questions. I designed this session to be open, but also focused on a few key areas of how instructional design operates in a higher education setting. Each discussion page revolves around a particular theme and has a few discussion forum questions to support it.

The discussion forum questions are meant to prompt debate around the topic. You may ask me a question in any of the discussions or post your thoughts in a new topic. The forums are in Google Group's discussion tool, so you will need to request permission to join.

I look forward to getting to know each of you during the week.

Overarching Questions

  • What is instructional design in higher education?

  • What changes are taking place in higher education?

  • What role is instructional technology expected to play within the context of changes?

  • How does instructional design and education technology mesh with a higher education institution?

    • What compromises are taking place?

  • How do instructional designers utilize their competencies to promote learning and change within higher education?