Learning to trade forex

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Here is a list of recommendations by me to ensure you trade forex well for profits. You are solely at your own discretion to use them or not.

Information sites

BabyPips Keeps daily updates of major pairs, trends and suggestions for trades.

You can make money trading forex is a collection of articles based on the writers experience trading forex. It is rich in resources that will open your eyes to daily mistakes traders make and thus lose money.

Fxreviews is a site whose emphasis is laid on reviews on any trading tool especially EAs. It also contains many rich content articles that will enable you see through your trades.

Best online forex broker is a site with detailed emphasis on forex brokers. It list all the brokers obtained in the online trade and reviews the best brokers. It is a site you must visit to get clarity on the broker you should use.

Winning Forex Trading Nathan Pennington is a believer in forex trading. Having traded like the 90% of traders and gotten his head shaved clean and also being open to learning the basics and fundamentals of the trade. He now trades forex profitably and shares his insight to those wishing to learn the trade for accumulating compounding wealth. You can join him and get all the free stuffs he has to offer.

Paid Programs

In this section, I will recommend just four (4) programs. It is obvious that most surfers find it difficult buying programs online as a result of not being able to identify hype from genuine ones. I can however only recommend, the rest is left for you. You may however, look around for other free information by looking at forum @ www.group..google.com. Wishing you the best.........

Forex Loophole A trading system that works with style, You may be a newbie in forex trading, a 9-5 person wishing to trade the forex market, frustrated trader as a result of accumulated loses, or a person wishing to find a simple forex trading system. You keep track of the market, place your trades and set your take profit and you are good to go.

Fapwinner An online membership tutor program that brings you in contact with Charles. A. Floyd. Like the name implies, you are tutored and given trade setups to make you a better trader and you have the leverage of interacting with other members sharing ideas and all. The package is however not on the cheap side and is for you if you intend trading for a living. They say knowledge is never truly exhaustive...........

HenryFX Robotis a trade setup using robots. I don't usually buy the idea of using robots since they can be prone to a lot of drawdown when exposed to different market conditions but you will also agree that a robot only operates based on data being fed into it. Right? You need to see the explanation given by this chap in other to believe the efficacy of his trading robot. You get a basic monthly percentage accumulating by compounding trading the Fx market.

3SMA FOREX SYSTEM Hector a full time unassuming forex trader designs a package to teach other traders how to trade the forex market from his bitter experience turned sweet by picking the right trading strategy. Learn from Hector and be a full time trader like he is. Bid your boss bye with his 9-5 job.