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Do you know that asides trading the forex market, there are lists of other money making opportunities in forex?

In as much as I can trade and make more than 120 pips daily does not mean I should not explore more sources

for wealth creation. In this sub forex money resource, we take a look at some of these prospects

1. The Long range prospects of Interest rates Ever since the inception of forex trades, a major factor of profiting has been the varying interest rates of currency of different nations. The beneficial effect favors long-term investors more.

How is it done? Find currency pairs with wide apart interest rates. Check for the long term trend of the pairs, ensuring that it goes in favor of the currency with the higher interest rate. Pick a pair from your research and probably analysis of the pairs.

Enter long or otherwise stated place a buy, your leverage power comes in handy at this point. Then go get yourself busy doing something else.

You may place a stop loss based on your money management technique but do not bother about a profit take because you will be in the trade for some time. As long as your long-term analysis was right, in the next six(6) months, your capital would have made some appreciable income while you were not even trading constantly. It is otherwise called Carry Trade.

2. The Referral Program

So many forex brokers need the services of clients like you to spread the word about their businesses and in turn will give you a percentage of the amount deposited by your referrals and what ever they make for the month. You should however endeavor to check up with different brokers because of the differences in their policies for referral.

3. Review Software Products in use in Forex

Most of the time people are skeptical about buying Expert Advisors(EAs) and other products relating to forex because many of the time, they have ended up paying a large chunk of money for products that did not offer much in terms of value and money.

So? Being able to review these numerous products that comes out just as easy as one can accumulate garbage in a trash can, pin pointing the pros and cons can in no small measure earn you a lot of money.

4. Join Ezines

Join ezines and give your audience more in articles information that can keep them on the right track of trading. Then with time you can recommend services that they can pay for and make money from easily.

5. Join Forums

Join forums giving your ideas and knowledge on different subject matter relating to forex and based on your opinions people will come to see you as an expert and will easily blend to your way of reasoning and will eventually buy from or require your services.

6. Build Online and Offline Tutorial Classes

You can build an online or offline tutorial class where people can gain the experience and expertise needed to trade forex effectively. Giving free bonuses and tools that will aid the better understanding of the subject matter.

7. Make use of Google adsense and Link Exchange

Make use of adsense Google programs and link exchange of like minded individuals or companies like yours and you will spread the word easily about your products and services and in turn people will come to know you as being adept at what you do.

Remember, making money in forex is as easy as you can structure your mindset to do the right things at the right time. So? Waste no more time and opportunities!! Go right in! Set the right goals! Apply the right principles! And be motivated when you see the money come!

Keep that smile. Yeah

Good luck.

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