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Hi dear friend,

It is nice you have been able to locate this

site online. I am Smith and a Forex trader with a

lot of passion about giving genuine insights into

Forex trading. It will be my joy and yours if

you are trading Forex successfully. I have tried to

put together certain ingredients that I know is

necessary for effectively trading this volatile but

very profitable market (If you understand what I


There are two major analysis for placing trades

 and these are fundamental and technical

analysis and you need to have a blend of the two

for trading this market successfully. You should

keep your eyes open to what I always call

"price action" because this will tell you how the

market is trending on-line real-time.

There is so much you ought to know about

the forex market that will keep you consistently

on profitable trades. However, do not think

 you will not make loses. Not at all!!

There is no business that you embark upon

that does not have its drawdown, but you can

be profitable by managing risk through a sound

money management technique.

This site is expected to turn a newbie trader

into a profitable trader with just the right blend of

your temperament, your equity size, your broker,

your trading plan,and your trading psychology.

All these put together will make you a part of the

10% of the profitable traders.

So stick around as you gather more and more

resources that will not only see you profitable at

the long run but you will be able to say goodbye

to your 9-5 jobs and your wife will love you more.

Eme Ogbonnaya

Smith & Jack Ventures