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We are in the door step of a brand new era. If we have to give this era a name we will call it the era of empowerment and the revolution that marked the dawn of this era is only in its infancy.A decline in commission rates,coupled with new order handling rules,the Internet and phenomenal technological advancements have helped level the playing field and open the hidden door to stock exchange forever.And never before has so much opportunity been available to the average individual on main street . A day will come when every single computer sold on the planet will come with a preloaded trading platform that provides direct acess to this world wide market, give individuals the ability to trade anything on earth that moves, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, bullions, options, futures or anything that the price moves. And those who get prepared today, those who get trained and educated now, stand a good chance of becoming the new titans of the Trading Exchanges.You can well imagine the enormous opportunities available in trading world to build it as a career.You can trade for your living from the comforts of your home.Welcome my readers to this world of trading.If some people can make it I have well spent my time to prepare this site. What is proper trading? Proper trading in many respects is a by product of proper thinking.These pages will create a revolution in your mind.It will change the way you see and think about markets.For instance one trading idea is" you do not trade stocks you trade people and their emotions".There is always someone on the other side of every single trade you make.Each time you buy someone on the other side of the transaction selling stock to you. Each time you sell someone is on the other side buying the stock from you.Who is smarter? Is it you or is the person or entity on the other side of the trade?These pages will make sure you are the smart one by imparting you the kn0wledge in the fine art of playing people, their emotions and their sentiments. 'Goddess of fortune'views on currencies