This income Program is established by a specialist with huge experience in the investment market and trading activities which gives the investor the opportunity of making a significant benefit on investment.The specialist works on forex market and is managing funds for income generation.


1)The Program is available at present to NRI's and foreign account holders.

2)The minimum investment required is USD 5000 plus.

3)The investor will directly open an account with a good international forex broker/market maker.The investor/account holder only will have the powers to operate the account for example to make withdrawals or deposits from the account opened with the forex broker/market maker.This ensures the investor/account holder that the funds deposited will only be used for the purpose it is deposited ie trading foreign exchange to make income from the flutuations.

4)The Funds Manager will have only the limited power of trading on the account with a stop loss limit if 30 percent of equity in the event of making a series of lossess on account of the unfavourable market conditions.For example the capital invested is USD 5000.When the funds manager makes a loss of 30% USD 1500 in the account, the funds manager will stop trading and inform the investor.Hence the maximum loss is limited to only USD 1500 in the event of an extremely unfavourable market conditions.

5)There is a minimum profit of 36% on investment or plus income can be generated from favourable  market conditions in an year.For example in the above account of USD 5000 , 36 % is USD 1800.

6)The investor has to pay 30 % on the gross income generated by the Funds Manager in the account on a quarterly basis.For example in an investment of USD 5000 investment Quarterly income 36% ROI is USD 600. The investor can retain USD 420 and USD 180 to be given to the Funds Manager towards performance fee.If there is no profits or loss there is no need to pay a performace fee to the Funds Manager.Just like in other cases there is no maintainance fee on the investment.It is a performance based payment.

7)If you calculate the ROI on your investment it is worked out to a gross profit of 1680 on an investment of USD 5000 which works out to an ROI of 33.6% before tax.A very good rate of return on investment with the minimum of risk.

   This investment opportunity is only available to Good Net Worth NRI'S's and Foreign accounts. Please Contact the following email id for further details or if you have any queries.


This document serves as information only.You, utilize the information in this document at your own discreation since any investment like stock, commodities, bullion, currencies are exposed to normal and abnormal market risks.

Forex is a risky market.Invest and Trade at your own risk.You are responsible for all risks and lossess that may arise as a result of allowing me to trade on your behalf.No Person,Systems or instrument can gurantee your success in speculation.Allow me to access to your account to trade with my system at your own discreation.Past are also not indicative of future results.