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Feb 27, 2009- Is it just me, or have the trees been dying more often lately?
March 27, 2009- Memorial of Dan Sakai
June 12, 2009- Ecological gambling: should we help species adapt to climate change by assisting their migration?
June 19, 2009- Between a rock and a hard place: Influence of harvesting on soil compaction
June 26, 2009- Covet thy neighbor's light: Influence of neighboring species on tree growth
July 4, 2009- A discriminating drought: species shifts occurring in both high- and low-density forests
July 11, 2009- Thinning on the mountain: A medium-term comparison of burning and thinning in ponderosa pine forests
July 24, 2009- The Angora fire: A series of unfortunate fuel treatment effectiveness tests
August 7, 2009- Please forests, have some integrity
August 14, 2009- Plantation plantation, what's your function?
August 21, 2009- Plant seedlings in burned areas? You bet your ash!
September 4, 2009- Forest carbon, from cradle to grave
September 11, 2009- The carbon-wildfire paradox: Part II
October 14, 2009- 'If you've seen one redwood, you've seen them all'
November 16, 2009- A DIY'ers guide for creating "old-growthness" in forests
November 30, 2009- ThinBurn
December 11, 2009- Small-scale "climate change" in thinned forests
December 18, 2009- Love that dirty water: Delivery (or lack thereof) of sediment into streams following harvests
January 8, 2010- Drop it like it's hot: burning and thinning influences on microclimate
January 15, 2010- The risky business of inaction: Reducing fire hazard across large tracts of forest
January 29, 2010- Water water everywhere. But does it runoff or does it sink?
February 5, 2010- May you live in uncertain times: A curse upon forest managers?
February 12, 2010- The trees, they are a changin'
February 19, 2010- Growing-space invaders: Attack of the white fir
March 1, 2010- Living on the edge: Riparian buffer strip effects on wildlife
March 5, 2010- Using chainsaws and matches to grow big trees
March 19, 2010- Meet the beetles! The bark beetle Sierra Nevada invasion tour
March 26, 2010- Strawberry fields temporarily
April 2, 2010- Seeing the soil for the trees
April 9, 2010- ThinBurn II: Lose some carbon now, save a lot later
April 30, 2010- Rake and bake: Is raking around trees prior to burning a waste of time?
May 14, 2010- Sudden (10 years, anyway) oak death marches on
May 28, 2010- Fire after the fire: Effects of shrub control versus salvage logging
June 14, 2010- Young at heart: Millennia-old giant sequoia still release after all these years
August 2, 2010- Fires of Sierra Nevada Past: Low severity, high impact
August 27, 2010- Truckin': Got my biomass chips cashed in
October 20, 2010- Past logging and future fires: Ever the twain shall meet?
December 3, 2010- Of mice and opossums: Links between biodiversity and infections diseases
December 10, 2010- Burn and learn: Creating and maintaining diversity with fire
December 17, 2010- Let's get trees ready to rumble with climate change
December 24, 2010- The Forest Steward's guide to choosing the right Christmas tree
January 7, 2011- Death comes for the drought-stressed forest
January 15, 2011- Seeds beget giants
January 28, 2011- Tree shifts roll downhill
February 13, 2011 - Do bark beetles beckon big burns?
February 25, 2011 - From Vermont to "Brunmont" in 40 years?
March 10, 2011- Humans v. hawks: Making anxious circles in the sky
March 23, 2011- To find buried treasure of carbon in forest soils, dig deep or use math
April 8, 2011- Dear Sudden Oak Death: What have you done for me lately?
April 25, 2011- White fir defeats aspen again: Winners and losers in long-term forest dynamics
May 20, 2011- Drop tree density like it's hot
June 23, 2011- A Nitrogen fixation- N critical loads in California
September 6, 2011- 1Pg... Forests, you sank my carbon!
November 23, 2011 - White fir v. ponderosa pine: The saga continues
December 15, 2011 - Mind the gap: Growing pine species in selectively harvested mixed conifer forests
February 3, 2012 - Big holes, Janet Jackson, and fire severity
March 16, 2012- Adapting to climate change: Forests will try, but they can't do it on their own
September 21, 2012- Forest scientists bet on the trifecta SWEEP in the Sierra Nevada
November 3, 2012- Giants round third base with a little help from their fungus friends
December, 2012- The Forest Steward's guide to choosing the right Christmas tree
January, 2013- The beautiful fall colors of the conifer forest: small yellow flames and big yellow machines
March, 2013- How to train your giant sequoia