What we can offer

The young people learn to use natural materials and develop practical and intellectual skills, which can all be linked with the National Curriculum.

The Forest School model is suited to children of all ages and has been found to be particularly suited to children who struggle to achieve in the more formal classroom setting,

The courses are very relaxed, yet formal and professional, we always make sure that plenty of time is allocated for hands on experimentation and practice of newly acquired skills. 

We expect 100% participation during all our courses from all our students and they will also be required at times to participate in routine tasks around the camp such as firewood collection and general camp tasks.

Introduction to forest school.

This is a full day forest school taster session suitable for children and young people of any age.

Also can talir a day or 30 minute session for adults.

A scheme of work in the woods.

This is a 6 day, general,  forest school program. Suitable for children and young people of any age.

Forest school lessons.

These ongoing, general sessions are offered with the frequency that best suits your organization and can be structured over a half term, a term or a longer period. Suitable for children and young people of any age.

Orientation for staff.

Forest school works closely with children and young people’s usual teachers, youth workers and support staff. This full day course, for adults, allows workers to experience forest school activities first hand and begin to identify how it will complement teaching and learning in their classroom or centre.


call for more info or see at play in the woods partner site.

Bunny Mornings

We have a family of rabbits that we can bring into your school and class room to let the children pet and learn about. Phone Kate for more info. We use bunny's from Bunny Magic Clevedon they can be found at http://www.bunnymagicclevedon.tk