We aim to set students up to succeed, rather than to fail. We do this by breaking down set tasks into small, achievable chunks that are matched to a student's capability.

In order to do this we request a little information about each student, from the parents or teacher, prior to the start of the Program

This is then used in conjunction with staff observation and written and verbal feedback from the students, to build a picture of the students' strengths and preferences.

This then tells us the way that staff work with individual students and helps the students to recognize their achievements.

Students get involved in all sorts of activities - mallet-making, coppicing, small-bore timber, making temporary shelters, building campfires and cooking on campfires.

Forest Schools are recognised education project of the UK Permaculture Association and has been generously supported.

We will  develop:
  • Self Awareness

  • Self Regulation

  • Boost motivation

  • Empathy

  • Good social communication skills

  • Independence

  • A positive mental attitude, self-esteem and confidence

  • Wonderful learning resource

We learn here in the forest like we do in school but there are no walls or bells here and the floor isn't wet at school”.

(Comment from a child from Clevedon)

Natural environments support a wide range of children’s play. The diverse, dynamic and flexible features that can be found in natural spaces afford opportunities for extensive intentional play behaviours.

Playing in natural spaces offers possibilities for:

  • control and mastery,

  • construction of special spaces,

  • manipulating loose parts,

  • different ways of moving,

  • risk-taking

Free play opportunities in natural settings offer possibilities for restoration, and hence, well-being. Collectively, the benefits fully support the outcomes established in Every Child Matters.

Meeting Basic needs

It is fundamental that Children’s basic needs are met before any higher learning can take place (Maslow’s Pyramid of Hierarchical Needs).
Warmth – correct clothing provided
Food- Health Snacks and meals
Drink – Hydrated water /hot drinks
Safe – individuals feel safe both physically and emotionally

Children, and more and more adults, need time to thoroughly explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships. This time and reflective practice develops understanding of the world, the environment and everything within it through the use of emotions, imagination and senses.

The sessions in the woodland start by exploring the site, establishing physical and behavioural boundaries.

Each session will inspire and encourage the student.

Our objectives are:

  • To develop independence and confidence

  • To encourage team building

  • To promote good communication skills

  • To explore and take reasonable risks within the forest environment

  • To understand the nature of fire and how to behave safely around it

  • To leave the session after having a fun and exciting experience with out any one knowing you have been there.

forest school help's develop and teach a range of subjects

that we can tailor to your needs.

  1. Biology and Sciences, looking at plant life and by experimenting.

  2. Maths, Counting and Measuring.

  3. Citizenship, Learning about the “birds and the bees”

  4. Design and Technology, Making bird houses and designing flower gardens.

  5. P.E, running about playing games.

  6. Art, Natural art is a great way to start enjoying things outdoors.

  7. English, Work books, names and stories.

A non-classroom environment gives children increased stimulation and encourages a greater learning potential. The combination of freedom and responsibility is particularly beneficial to those with little confidence or challenging behaviour.

We allow everyone to grow and discover their abilities without fear of criticism or failure.

When working and thinking in a Bush Craft sense the emphasis is on having fun whilst learning valuable skills. The students taking part in achieves such as team games and exercises, like den building or making crowns, every thing specially tailored for the age and capabilities of the group. Every thing we do helps and develops healthy body and mind.