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Missions Conference

Why do we need a missionary Conference?

     Missionaries play an essential role in spreading the Gospel. Paul tells us in II Corinthians 5:20 that we are ambassadors 
for Christ.This verse is directed to all Christians which in turn means each and every day we need to tell everyone we see 
about Christ's love and the salvation He gives to all people. But for those of us who cannot go to foreign missions, missionaries
 go in our place, and we partner with them through prayer and financial support. Every couple of years the missionaries come 
back to the U.S. to tell us about their ministry. That is the reason we have a missionary conference. It is a time for a group of 
missionaries to come and tells about their ministry and how we can pray for them.

How many missionaries come to the missionary Conference?

    At our Missionary Conference their are four churches that participate and four missionaries that come to speak.  Our conference 
lasts five days from a Wednesday to a Sunday.