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New York Patterns

While the total amount of New York forestland is increasing, 

many private properties are shifting to less than 10 acres in size
The average woodland owner in New York owns 18.3 acres.
 In eastern New York between 2001 and 2010,
there were 97,013 transfers of woodland property.
15,639 of these (16.12%) were the result of parcelization.
More information on parcelization rates in eastern New York can be found here.
Other studies in New York have investigated recent changes in forest property size:
 Madison County

County: Madison
Findings: Smaller forest property sizes predicted by
  • Shorter distance to roads,
  • Lower amounts of slope,
  • More nearby residential development 
(From "Generating a Forest Parcelization Map for Madison County, NY" - King and Butler, 2005)

 NYC Watershed Counties:

Counties: Greene, Schoharie,  Sullivan, and Ulster

Time period: 1984 to 2000
  • 25,000 acres of forestland shifted to smaller properties,
  • 5,000 new properties

(From "Forestland Parcelization in the New York City" -LaPierre and Germain, 2005, available here)

 Oneida County

County: Ulster
Time period: 1975 to 2000
  • average size of private forest properties decreased from 36 to 24 acres 

(From "Forest Parcelization in Upstate New York Despite Economic Stagnation and a Declining Population"- Germain, Brazill, and Stehman, 2006, available here)

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