Between 1993 and 2003
the number of forest owners in the United States increased 11%
from 9.3 million to 10.3 million
primarily due to parcelization of existing forestland.
Parcelization patterns can be measured at the

 Individual Parcel


(From: Donnelly and Evans, 2008 "Characterizing spatial patterns of land ownership at the parcel level in south-central Indiana, 1928–1997", available here)

 Township and County


(From: Mundell, Taff, and Kilgore, 2010, "Using real estate records to assess forest land parcelization and development: A Minnesota case study", available here)

State and Regional


 (From: Block-Torgerson, Kilgore, Taff, and Snyder, 2010, "Forest Land Parcelization in Northern Minnesota: A Multicounty Assessment", available here)

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