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New York Effects

Parcelized properties are often developed- 60% of parcelized properties in Ulster, Delaware, Schoharie, Sullivan, and Greene counties were developed within 16 years
(For more information, see "Exploration of the question of why land is being parcelized" by Rebecca Stone and Mary Tyrell, available here- Large File)
After organized parcelization, properties often have lower basal area and volume of high value tree Northern Hardwoods species:
  • Sugar Maple,
  • Red Oak,
  • Black Cherry
(From: Germain et al. 2007, "The Effects of Forestland Parcelization and Ownership Transfers on Nonindustrial Private Forestland Forest Stocking in New York")

The probability of sustained yield forest management drops to 50% for a parcel that is less than 20 acres.

(From: Vickery et al. 2009, "Urbanization's impact on sustained yield management as perceived by forest professionals in central New York")