Spirit Horse Foundation

The Forest of Dreams was born out of twenty years of work by the Spirit Horse Foundation in the fields of personal and community development.

The founders and directors of Spirit Horse Foundation fully cooperate in every way with the Forest of Dreams and hope that this partnership will see the land flourish and benefit all who long for a home of the spirit. And that there be a place where the young can visit and grow, well looked upon, in an absence of commercial media and the presence of deep culture and profound tradition.
The legal "use of the land" allows The Forest of Dreams to let Spirit Horse run several small spiritual workshops\retreats during the year and a small gathering over the August bank holiday which is kept mainly to the camping meadow. The number of guests and frequency of events is controlled to minimise the impact on the land. No one permanently lives within the land, people just come along for particular events.
The Forest of Dreams and Spirit Horse are non-profit organisations, and do not profit from the use of the land. All donations made to The Forest of Dreams will only go towards the purchase and management of the land.  Donations made to The Forest of Dreams will not go towards the activities of Spirit Horse Foundation (e.g. maintaining structures, running workshops.)  
The activities of Spirit Horse are low impact. Spirit Horse use about an acre of the land for their collection of round houses of wooden and canvas construction, used for holding workshops, and traditional gers and benders used over the summer period. Spirit Horse (not The Forest of Dreams) are responsible for the maintenance of their structures, and there is planning permission in place. The Forest of Dreams do not have any plans to allow any new structures. One of the Round Houses is currently being restored by Spirit Horse, but will be of the same size as previously. The roundhouses will be mostly hidden by trees, and will not be noticeable from a distance (as can be seen in the above picture.) There are no permanent "brick\stone" buildings, and no mains electricity, no gas or water (and no plans for any of these services.) The Forest of Dreams and Spirit Horse are off-grid. All rubbish is taken off site with the majority being recycled. Spirit Horse take care of being as environmentally friendly as possible to minimise their impact on the land. 


What goes on here, besides the amazing camps and other great activities, is a way of life. One that would model the sort of future that our planet needs, and in turn would ensure a future where nature would accept us. It is low to zero impact ecologically, a sustainable and beautiful environment to be in. If anything needs to be nurtured more in our lifetime, it is the vision of these people, for the sake of our children and their children.”

Peter O’Brien, visiting ecologist from Dublin.

Spirit Horse is a wild, fantastic, real, useful, inward bound and outward bound spiritual adventure. I got more out of that nine days than four years at university.

Catherine Stott, in The Spark.

If you have been through the encampment experience, you will find tales of wonder and delight, of chaotic encounters with the “wild,”of deep fellowship in a safe space. People come back for more. Lives seem to be changed, to re-shape, re-think, re- feel

Jan Wood, editor of Sacred Hoop.



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