Welcome to Forest Tots!

The Forest of Dean Outdoor Toddler Group

 Welcome to Forest Tots!
Forest Tots is an outdoors parent and toddler group based in Parkend in the Forest of Dean.
We meet every Friday afternoon to explore and play in an enclosed woodland garden. 
At Forest Tots we spend as much of the time outdoors as we possibly can. Only if the weather makes it dangerous to be outside (such as in very high winds) do we retreat inside.
 We try to keep any 'toys' to a minimum. This allows the children to use their imagination to explore the woods. We have some equipment which we believe broadens the way they can play within the woodland. For example we have baskets for collecting 'treasures' in and magnifying glasses for exploring closeup.
Each week we also set out a small selection of activities for the children to explore. This might be nature based art,  messy play, heuristic/treasure baskets, treasure hunts or co-operative team games. And if you have your own ideas......do come along and share them with us!
We provide a picnic snack and a warm drink for the children and a hot cup of tea or coffee for the adults. When it's wet we can enjoy these whilst sheltering from the weather in our brand new Roundhouse!