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This web site is no longer in operation. The final update dated: 22 June 2010

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Australia First's Bhikkhuni Ordination at Perth  (Abbess Ayya Vayama,Venerables Nirodha, Seri and Hasapanna from Dhammasara Nun's Monastery) dated 22 October 2009, at Bodhiyanna Monastery and others related news at

How to grow a nun by Bhante Sujato  - Santi Forest Monastery

Ayya Tathaaloka, abbess of Bodhi House - Entering Monastic Life and Ordaining as a Bhikkhuni in Theravada Buddhism , Aranya Bodhi Awakening Forest Hermitage is a rustic, "off the grid" Theravadin Buddhist women's monastic hermitage on more than 100 acres of mountain forest and meadows, pools and waterfalls on the Northern California Sonoma Coast. Aranya Bodhi is the monastic hermitage/retreat project of Dhammadharini, a religious non-profit organization with 501(c)3 Federal and State of California tax-exempt status.