Association By Laws

Forest Lake Association


Amended July 26, 2014

PURPOSE: To develop a group of interested property owners on or adjacent to Forest Lake into an Association for purposes of promoting and developing action groups for legal, political, financial, safety, and social benefits pertinent to all members.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to Forest Lake property owners, or associate members having similar interests. An annual membership fee of $10.00 per year per owner or associate member will be charged to support activities of the Association.

OFFICERS: Elected at an annual meeting held each July will be a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary from members of the Association, for terms of one year. Slate of officers will be presented at the annual meeting by a three-member Nominating Committee appointed by the President.


President: Duties consist of conducting meetings, appointment of committees, and working with local and/or State officials on matter pertaining to the Association.

Vice President: To assume the duties of the President in his absence and take active participation in meeting with local and/or State officials on matters pertaining to the Association.

Treasurer: Duties consist of collecting membership fees and paying obligations of the Association from an established checking/savings account, and maintaining other financial records of the Association.

Secretary: Duties include mailing notices of meetings, recording minutes of meetings, maintaining an active membership roster, maintaining an Association lake lot map, typing letters for the officers if required. Based on the workload of the Secretary, a nominal annual salary may be set by members of the Association.

DIRECTORS: In addition to the four elected officers, three directors shall be elected to serve to form a seven person Board to review and act on matters pertaining to the Association. A director from each of the three areas – Whitefield West Side, Whitefield East Side, and Dalton North End - to represent their neighbors is desirable.

AUTHORITY: The members of the Association authorize the president to incur administrative expenses for ordinary and necessary purposes, as long as the President provides proof of the expenditures in the form of invoices. Any extraordinary outlay, such as a contribution to another organization or reimbursement to an individual, shall be subject to approval by the members at the Annual Meeting. In exigent circumstances between meetings, extraordinary expenses proposed by the President shall be approved by a majority of the four officers described by the By-Laws (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) along with the three Directors described by the By-Laws (Dalton North, Whitefield East, and Whitefield West).

MEETINGS: At least one meeting will be held each July for the election of officers and a review of events in the past year of interest to or applying to the Association. This meeting may be combined with a social outing/sports event at the pleasure of the members. Other meetings may be called from time to time by the President, or by a quorum of the membership, to act and vote on matters of concern presented by the membership. In cases where such meetings could not reasonably expect a fifty percent quorum, notice of the meeting and intended discussion, and proxy vote card will be mailed to all non-local members ten days prior to such meeting.

AIMS: To become one voice as an Association, when a quorum vote of the Association membership is needed for action on items of interest and concern regarding:

Legal: Legal opinions on actions against local or State governments where impending legislation would create irreparable damage to the best interests of Association membership.

Political: Voicing of Association concerns to local town, county or State representatives on impending legislation which would be detrimental to members of the Association, including boating and fishing regulations on Forest Lake.

Financial: Voicing of Association concerns to local representatives, tax assessors, Selectmen, through outside legal counsel if a quorum of the membership votes to retain, or through Association committee, regarding general property revaluations or other financial concerns to the Association.

Safety: To actively promote safety-security measures benefiting Association members, as well as transient guests or day sportsmen using lake facilities through: Volunteer Fire Department; Water Safety Patrol (buoys, low clearances); Boat Safety Patrol; Swimming and Life Saving Instruction; Winter Security Patrol.

SOCIAL: Organize activities to introduce the membership through outings or other social events; plan an annual meeting; or sponsor food sales or other fund raising activities to improve the treasury as may be required from time to time.

History of the By Laws

The Forest Lake Association By-Laws were initially drafted by Bob Labonte and the Putnam family as they shared a ride south to Florida in the fall of 1983. They envisioned an Association "of mutually interested parties to alert, review, and/or act on matters pertaining to Forest Lake and its environs, and to provide social events as an Association for neighborly get-togethers."

At an organizational meeting held on Friday, August 24, 1984, a group of 42 interested Lake dwellers unanimously adopted the proposed By Laws. They have been amended twice. The first amendment was in 1986 to formalize our Board of Directors.

The second amendment was in 2014 to allow the President of the Association (or other Officers as designated) to incur ordinary administrative expenses during the fiscal year, provided he/she produces invoices documenting those expenses.