This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations.  Students learn all about the topic, and then tell their teacher the answers before school, during their recess, or during designated "Highest Flyers Club" time.  Students earn 1 star membership, all the way up to an 86 star membership!   

Learning never ends - thank goodness!

Become a member of the Forest Lake 4th Grade Hall of Fame by answering 16 questions correctly. 

Halls of Fame: Bronze 1-15 stars, Silver 16-30 stars, Gold 31-50, Platinum 51-70, Diamond 71-86

Parents and Students:

To get started, choose any question under the tabs below. You do not have to do the questions in order.  You may research the topics using reference books or the following web sites. Your work may be done in school or at home. When you feel you have mastered the content, let me know.

Be a smart internet researcher! I have made every attempt to ensure that the content on the following links is appropriate for students. Please let me know if you see something you think is inappropriate or if a link does not work.

The Challenges....    Click the subject below to jump right to that section of the challenges:






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Note:  These website links are suggestions.  Students should be encouraged to also use print resources and/or online reference materials to research answers.     


A big thank you to Mrs. Renz for sharing the ideas.