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Afternoons - Coach MELANIE

T - F    June 5  - Aug 3


Swimmers are expected to practice as much as their summer schedule allows. 

Please be sure to have your swimmer to practice early, so they can be ready to START practice on the top of the hour.

In order to allow the swimmers the most benefit from their practice times, please do not talk to the coach during practice times. Leave a note, text or email.

Team Swim Suits-

Stingray colors are red and black. A team suit is not mandatory, however, it looks sharp and it makes it easier to find our team at the meets. You can order suits through our team, or choose what is best for your swimmer and your family. Team suits will be available for purchase at the pool. 

Time Trials-

Saturday, June 16th
8:30 am - 12 pm

We hold Time Trials at the beginning of the season. This is an opportunity for parents to “rehearse” their jobs at the meet, and for swimmers to set base times with which to determine seeding for the first season’s meet.

Available Volunteer Jobs:

Announcer, Computer Data Entry, Stager, Timer, Line Judge, Lane Slip Runner, Snack Bar Helper, Age-Group Parent, Stroke-and-Turn Judge, Ribbon Writer, Hospitality

Swim Meet Entries:

Inform the coach whether or not you'll be attending any upcoming meets on the MONDAY before the meet. Also include the events you'd like to swim in that correspondence.

Meet Day:

    On the day of each meet, we ask that you arrive by 8 am to check in. There will be a Stingrays Check-In table near the pool entrance. Here you can check in your swimmer, and also check in for your volunteer shift(s).  Warm-ups are held before the meet, and each meet begins promptly at 9 am.  Most jobs at the meet are split into two shifts - 9 am to Noon and Noon to 3 pm.  Shift change will be announced, so please be ready to relieve the morning shift if you are working an afternoon shift.


    In order to help with costs to families and raise funds for the pool, we would welcome anyone who wants to organize fund raisers throughout the year. These provide a significant source of funds to keep our pool running. If you have ideas and want to organize some fun with the kids and the community, please contact the pool - 367-2909 (foresthillpool@gmail.com)