The Center for

Forest Disturbance Science

The Center for Forest Disturbance Science is a research project of the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station focused on the study of disturbance processes across scales and their risk of occurrence in order to develop innovative management strategies for reducing vulnerability of ecosystems to degradation.

Atmospheric Science

Atmospheric Science

The Atmospheric Science Team studies atmospheric aspects of forest disturbance such as fire-atmosphere interactions, smoke management, climate change and wind damage to forests. 

Fire Science




The Fire Science Team specializes in studying fire behavior and ecology in the southeastern US and tropical and subtropical ecosystems.

Restoration & Invasive Species

Restoration & Invasive Species

The Restoration and Invasive Species Team focuses on management practices to restore fire dependent ecosystems of the southeastern U.S. We also study the impacts of non-native invasive species, and work to mitigate the risks associated with these organisms through development of new management practices.

Items of Interest

Brown, G.G., M.A. Callaham, Jr., and C.N. Niva, Guest Editors. 2013. Progress and Priorities in Latin American Oligochaete Research. Applied Soil Ecology 69:1-68.


To learn more of the IUFRO blog -- access the following link. Forest Adaptation and Restoration under Global Change – Asian and Oceania Perspectives

In the first presentation, John Stanturf (US Forest Service) explained the potential benefits that forest landscape restoration can have on mitigating as well as adapting to climate change. These included aspects such as diverse species and structures at stand scale; age classes of tree vegetation at landscape scale and connectivity.

Southern High Resolution Modeling Consortium

Southern High Resolution Modeling Consortium

Visit the Southern High Resolution Modeling Consortium's website at http://shrmc.ggy.uga.edu/index.php . The website provides forecasts and maps.

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