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Keith Chandler

Keith Chandler – candidate for Board of Director for the Forest Creek HOA 
Retired US Air Force officer, Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Occupational and Environmental Health Science
  • Served on the FC HOA Board of Directors for eight years, filling every officer position over those years.
  • Initiated and worked with other board and community members to establish clear and fair rules, policies, and procedures to make management easier, consistent, in compliance with changing State rules
  • Turned around the HOA from Debt and not paying vendors in 2006 to financially solvent and over $1,000,000 in our capital improvement reserves.
  • Initiated the creation of a Capital Improvement Reserve Savings account, which put HOA in a position to take on major capital improvements without special assessments.
  • Always favored and worked for managing our HOA dues money to produce the most benefit for our money, but I believe the investment into our community appearance and facilities is essential for the future home value and safety of Forest Creek.
  • With the average home value well over $300K is essential to always strive for a “the” premier community in Round Rock. I oppose cutting corners or settling for less than first class projects as it reflects poorly on our community and decreases our home value.
  • Managed Multiple FC HOA projects. The reserve fund has allowed us to make well over a million dollars in capital improvements with minor increase to our dues
  • Designed and supervised the major renovation of the pool, the new pool house and splash pad.
  • Past and current projects - on site almost every day monitoring and closely supervising contractors to ensure jobs are done to agreed costs and highest standards
  • Revived, processed and executed the idea of bringing RECLAIMED WATER to our greenbelt irrigation, both saving HOA over $25K per year and being environmentally responsible. Worked with city officials and supervised this project to its completion and well below expected cost.
  • Won the City of Round Rock 2014 Neighborhood of the Year and first runner up at the Neighborhoods USA annual national conference for our reclaimed water project.
  • Selected as volunteer of the year 2016 by the Austin Community Associations Institute.
  • Currently serving as the volunteer HOA project manager for the Fencecrete Replacement Project (the new wall).
  • Hundreds of less visible things happen in our community every day.
My goal in serving our community is always to maintain Forest Creek as a first class and highly desirable community.