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Hector Quintanar

After 18 years in the area I have seethe good and bad times and have learned over time that I can manage my time to dedicate a little bit to my community to maintain the place were me and my family live. 
I have experience managing cross-cultural and large division organizations.  Visiting houses in the last two years I was able to assess the current opportunities the home owners are interested in 
Business Entrepreneur with International Supply Chain and International Project Management Skills Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering and a Manufacturing extra curricula at Harvard University. Served as 
member of my first home HOA Board and extensively worked in multi-country projects and multi-cultural difference
Managed to establish Local and International Companies in USA and abroad
Managed multiple cross-cultural teams
Project Management skills with WIN-WIN mentality for any managed project small or large. 
Finance background understanding and proven treasury management skills from $2.0 MUSD to $200.0  MUSD projects. 
Strive for at least 80% consensus in decisions that involved large communities. 
Ability to manage disagreement to reach the best outcome of a given situation.