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Pat Flynn

I am currently serving as your Board president. I have been serving as
president for the past 3 years and served one year as vice-president before that. I have decided to run
for the Board again because I think we have a great team that is committed to improving the quality of
the neighborhood while keeping dues steady and without levying special assessments. I first ran for the
Board because I was concerned about the prospect of our dues increasing to pay for improvements. I
agreed that we needed the improvements, but thought there should be a way to work within our
current budget to bring those ideas to life.

I am married and have 2 kids, and I have lived in the neighborhood for 6 years. I work as a fire marshal
for a local fire department. A lot of my work is with the development of the city and management of
the Fire Prevention division, so I understand working within budgets and how to grow a community. I
also understand how to lead a team and how to give merit to opposing viewpoints. I look forward to
serving you for another 2 years if you so choose.