Pat Flynn

My name is Pat Flynn and I am currently serving as your Board president. I have been serving as
president for the past 5 years and served one year as vice-president before that. I have decided to run
for the Board again because I enjoy working with our neighbors to keep Forest Creek one of the premier
communities in Round Rock – one that we can all be proud to call home. During my time on the Board
we have been able to cut costs and have budget surpluses for the past several years. I try to be
responsive to neighbors’ communication via email and Facebook – something that was severely lacking
in the past.
I am married and have 2 kids, and I have lived in the neighborhood for 7 years. I work as a fire marshal
for a local fire department. Much of my work is with the development of the city and management of
the Fire Prevention division, so I understand working within budgets and how to grow a community. I
also understand how to lead a team and how to give merit to opposing viewpoints. I look forward to
serving you for another 2 years if you so choose.