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posted Dec 6, 2012, 10:27 AM by Gregory Thompson   [ updated Feb 5, 2013, 6:32 AM ]
The annual meeting of the HOA members will be held late January.  At this meeting several things will be discussed and voted upon.  One of those important things is electing HOA Board members for those officers whose term is expiring.  As usual, we would like to find HOA members who would be interested and willing to serve in the volunteer position of HOA Board member.  The HOA will publish the name and "resumes" of the applicants in the January Caddie so the members can become familiar with the candidates.    

Consider becoming a Forest Creek Board of Director.                      
There will be three openings at the 2013 Annual Meeting.             
A two year commitment  (term) is required. 
Application Form:  Board Nomination Questionnaire (Due by December 24th... we will include in the january Mailing in advance of the Annual Meeting)

Help make a positive contribution to your neighborhood! Here are a few suggestions as to 
how you might personally benefit from the experience of 
being a Board Member for one of the most prestigious 
neighborhoods in Round Rock. 
Perhaps this list might sway you to consider submitting your application. 
 1. Get to know your neighborhood and neighbors, Network  
 2. Make new friends and be part of a team (BoD, HOA, Community & City)  
 3. Gain leadership skills and learn other new skills 
 4. Keep busy and stay challenged 
  5. Become an HOA insider, feel proud, gain status, be recognized and feel needed 
 6. Build your resume, have an impact and implement change.

Time requirements: Medium. 
Monthly BoD Meetings, action items, research options to be considered and proposed, email updates, some telephone calls. Make recommendations to the Board. 
Roles include 
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-large. 
Applications to fill the THREE (3) open 2013 - 2015 BoD vacancies will be accepted until 
24 December 2012. Please contact Kerri at kh@centexmanagement.com or e-mail any BoD Member if you would like to volunteer, have Questions or just want to chat confidentially about what it takes! You can also call Kalim Sawires at 512.695.2705 to discuss the subject.

Nominations can also be made from the floor at the annual meeting but they will not have the option of being voted for by absentee ballot.