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UPDATED** Election / Voting Results

posted Feb 5, 2013, 6:23 AM by Gregory Thompson   [ updated Aug 19, 2013, 7:03 AM ]
HOA Board Members: (* indicates homeowners elected to the Board)
  • * Banks – 85 votes
  • * Flynn – 61 votes
  • * Reeve – 61 votes
  • Chandler – 59 votes

Vote on how to resolve Fencecrete fencing issues on Bobby Jones Way
  • 25 Votes: Continue to repair the fence on Bobby Jones as we have in past years. The estimated expenditure will be somewhere between $20K and $40K per year until it has all been replaced.
  • 1 Vote:     Replace the entire section of Bobby Jones Way fence with brand new Fencecrete which would eliminate most repair costs for the next 10-15 years. The up-front cost will be approximately $160K, which is available in the current HOA reserves.
  • 88 Votes: Replace the entire fence with a different, more durable fence. The cost of the replacement stone fence options range from approximately $190K-$250K (based on current bidding and estimates). This money is currently available in the HOA reserves.
Non-binding Opinion Poll results:

If the decision is to replace the Bobby Jones fencing with stone, which option would you prefer?
30 - Double sided stone. (Least expensive - no logos or other "dress-up")
35 - Split-face block with stone on the outside only (More expensive and sturdier structure - including logos and 
caps like park fencing columns)
9 - Cement block with stone on both sides (Most expensive, sturdy, includes logos, etc.)
29 - Let the Architectural Review Committee and Board decide based on cost vs. attractiveness and durability.

Fencing for the rest of the neighborhood
23 - I like the Fencecrete fencing and would like to see it maintained, not replaced
51 - Would prefer a new stone fence to replace the Fencecrete, but not if it means increased annual dues
19 - Would be willing to pay an additional $25 per year for a stone fence for the duration of the project if that’s
required to adequately replace the fence with a stone fence.
18 - Would be willing to pay an additional $50 per year for a stone fence for the duration of the project to expedite
the replacement of the fence with a stone fence.